Travel To Russia - Vladivostok, Russian “Lord of the East”

Written by Marina Smiley

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Vladivostok attracts many tourists’ attention not only because of its’beautiful location, but also for its’ very rich history:

There are quite a few historical buildings and monuments still standing that holdrepparttar memories of many events fromrepparttar 146749 1860, when this city was founded, to present day.

These historical buildings rememberrepparttar 146750 times when Vladivostok was given a free trade status withrepparttar 146751 purpose of encouraging foreign trade in 1878.

There are still building standing that, if they could speak, could tell you aboutrepparttar 146752 times ofrepparttar 146753 Russian-Japanese war, when a squadron of Japanese warships attackedrepparttar 146754 city firing over a hundred shots.

Vladivostok’s hills sawrepparttar 146755 Japanese, British, and American cruisers enteredrepparttar 146756 Golden Horn Bay in 1917, andrepparttar 146757 supporters ofrepparttar 146758 Bolsheviks conducted a partisan struggle inrepparttar 146759 city.

From 1917 to 1922 Vladivostok became a cultural bastion. Duringrepparttar 146760 ensuing years, beginning in 1917, Vladivostok became a haven for many Russians trying to escape fromrepparttar 146761 clutches ofrepparttar 146762 new Soviet regime, settling inrepparttar 146763 port city while retreating torepparttar 146764 east together withrepparttar 146765 White Army.

Among them were many Russians,repparttar 146766 creative intelligentsia from Moscow and St Petersburg. They established conservatories, theaters, symphony orchestras and art centers in Vladivostok before escaping to countries such as Australia, China,repparttar 146767 USA, and other lands afterrepparttar 146768 Bolsheviks, in 1922, achieved victory inrepparttar 146769 Far East.

This city can still rememberrepparttar 146770 1930s whenrepparttar 146771 Stalinist repressions began andrepparttar 146772 transit camps were constructed housing political prisoners fromrepparttar 146773 Western regions of Russia to Kolyma, and torepparttar 146774 new camp in Vladivostok.

This city remembers when it was Russia’s biggest military port duringrepparttar 146775 cold war andrepparttar 146776 beginningof “Perestroika.”

Now, Vladivostok is filled with businesses from all overrepparttar 146777 world coming to take advantage ofrepparttar 146778 city's position asrepparttar 146779 gate to modern Russia, Japan, China, and Korea.

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Travel To Russia - Kamchatka

Written by Marina Smiley

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Also you can fish rainbow trout, char, grayling. Fishing downrepparttar Bystraya river orrepparttar 146748 Opala river you have a chance of enjoyingrepparttar 146749 volcanoes, a primeval beauty andrepparttar 146750 unique thermal springs.

While visiting such a unique place one cannot help but meet its natives,repparttar 146751 most amiable people possible,repparttar 146752 Koryaks, Itelmens, Evens, Chukchis and Aleuts.

For these ancient tribal nations, reindeer breading wasrepparttar 146753 main occupation for centuries deer provided them with everything necessary: meat, skin for clothes (reindeer skin for coveralls, footwear) and for building portable dwellings (yarangas). The reindeers bones were used for making tools and household articles andrepparttar 146754 animal’s fat was used like oil for lightening. Highly developed handicrafts such as wood and bone carving, metal works, native clothing and carpets, embroidered with beads and braiding are displayed atrepparttar 146755 Museum of Local Lore. It is amazing to seerepparttar 146756 way these Northern tribes now live, preservingrepparttar 146757 skills as they were used to dwell, hundreds of years ago. The way they hunted, ate and slept.

Kamchatka is still a mysterious and yet mostly undiscovered vast area. Its virgin lands and wonderments of treasured beauty are waiting to be explored and enjoyed by those willing to seek adventure.

Marina Smiley is the author of the popular eBook "Cheap Ticket To Russia" Tips for budget travelers to Russia

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