Travel To Russia - Kamchatka

Written by Marina Smiley

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Also you can fish rainbow trout, char, grayling. Fishing downrepparttar Bystraya river orrepparttar 146748 Opala river you have a chance of enjoyingrepparttar 146749 volcanoes, a primeval beauty andrepparttar 146750 unique thermal springs.

While visiting such a unique place one cannot help but meet its natives,repparttar 146751 most amiable people possible,repparttar 146752 Koryaks, Itelmens, Evens, Chukchis and Aleuts.

For these ancient tribal nations, reindeer breading wasrepparttar 146753 main occupation for centuries deer provided them with everything necessary: meat, skin for clothes (reindeer skin for coveralls, footwear) and for building portable dwellings (yarangas). The reindeers bones were used for making tools and household articles andrepparttar 146754 animalís fat was used like oil for lightening. Highly developed handicrafts such as wood and bone carving, metal works, native clothing and carpets, embroidered with beads and braiding are displayed atrepparttar 146755 Museum of Local Lore. It is amazing to seerepparttar 146756 way these Northern tribes now live, preservingrepparttar 146757 skills as they were used to dwell, hundreds of years ago. The way they hunted, ate and slept.

Kamchatka is still a mysterious and yet mostly undiscovered vast area. Its virgin lands and wonderments of treasured beauty are waiting to be explored and enjoyed by those willing to seek adventure.

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Arrowheads and Rock Hunting In Arizona

Written by Steve Gillman

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Uprepparttar hill behindrepparttar 146729 ruins, Felix showed us rocks with six-inch wide holes a foot deep or more, and perfectly round. They were filled with water - their purpose, according to Felix. We like water with fewer bugs, but he and Irina drankrepparttar 146730 water collected in them. It was a peaceful spot, overlookingrepparttar 146731 valley below.

Arrowhead Hunting Success

Overrepparttar 146732 hill, we had some luck searching for rocks and arrowheads, but not like Felix. We saw hundreds of pieces of pottery, but all very plain looking. He found pottery that had beautiful designs on it, and metates. He found a tiny clear quartz arrowhead, perfectly made, that had probably been used to hunt small birds two hundred years earlier.

Each of us wandered a bit. Ana and I made it back torepparttar 146733 van first, and when Irina and Felix returned, we cooked beans with instant rice on our camp stove. Afterrepparttar 146734 meal, we said goodbyes, and traded addresses. They went back torepparttar 146735 hotsprings, while we headedrepparttar 146736 other way with bags of rocks, an antelope antler, and two broken arrowheads.


For interesting rocks, go out after a rain and you can see Fire-agate and Apache Teardrops laying onrepparttar 146737 sand. Forrepparttar 146738 best rock collecting, visitrepparttar 146739 designated rockhound areas in southeastern Arizona. As for arrowhead hunting, and ancient pottery, enjoy yourself, but it may be illegal to keep any artifacts now. The BLM office in Safford can give you directions and more information.

Steve Gillman hit the road at sixteen, and traveled the United States and Mexico alone at 17. Now 40, he travels with his wife Ana, whom he met in Ecuador. Read more stories, tips and travel information at:

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