Travel To Lake Louise - Vacation Capital Of Canada

Written by Catherine Olivia

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If you'rerepparttar adventurous type you might want to travel throughrepparttar 146187 Banff National Park area. The Bow Valley Parkway is a scenic route that parallels Highway 1 between Banff and Lake Louise. On this lovely and winding drive you could easily see a lot of different wildlife, wolves, elk, mountain goat and moose. Banff is alsorepparttar 146188 home of The Cave and Basin National Historic Site whererepparttar 146189 first hot springs were discovered. Also not to be missed isrepparttar 146190 Sulphur Mountain Gondola which will give you an eagle's eye view of Banff atop of Sulphur Mountain - don't forget your camera!

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What you need to know about Ė Business travel

Written by Mansi gupta

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spending your entire food allowance by eating lavishly, be fuel economic i.e. if you take your own car (which is not a very good idea) think about saving fuel expenses. Donít move into casinos and bars to part away withrepparttar annual bonus that you are sure to get. If you are visiting a place forrepparttar 146016 first time, one night to seerepparttar 146017 nightlife of that place is enough. Donít carry too many clothes with you. Some elegant official wear shirts and trousers should be preferred than a multitude dresses. Pack your suitcase nicely. Take that bag or suitcase which has several compartments. It will keep your official papers and other things segregated fromrepparttar 146018 rest ofrepparttar 146019 stuff (your toiletries etc.). Donít forget your credit as well as business cards to a camera. Remember official trips mean more work and comparatively less enjoyment. So make a note of allrepparttar 146020 essential official documents that you need to carry for your meeting there and if possible either leave a photocopy of them at your place or avoid carryingrepparttar 146021 originals for there is always a threat to lose or misplace them. Inform your family about your complete itinerary,repparttar 146022 place andrepparttar 146023 numbers ofrepparttar 146024 hotel in which you will stay etc. this will save them from worrying and will keep them in touch with you. Make it a point to speak to your boss before you leave, ask him any crucial work left undone. Also think about payments of your bills if you are going for more than a month or so. Keep an alarm clock with you for that will help you in waking up on time and reach your workplace without delays.

Lastly, reachrepparttar 146025 airport or station on time to avoid missing your flight or train. Go with a little planning and make your business trip a huge success.

Mansi gupta writes about business travel topics.

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