Travel Safety - How to Take a Fearless Ride by Bus, Train or Taxi

Written by Michelle Annese

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And remember these Diva Defense tips wherever you go… Never flash money when in public or traveling.

Ladies...keep your rings turned in withrepparttar stones onrepparttar 137345 inside of your hand. Turn them back around when you get to work, home or your destination. If at all, keep jewelry home when you travel.

Always...always...always walk with confidence and look like you know where you’re going – even when you’re lost. If a stranger asks to help you, tell them “No thanks, I’m just fine.” If you need directions, go into a convenience store or busy shopping area where you can ask someone there to help you.

Being aware of your travel safety right along with your travel plans gives you piece-of-mind during your trip. Whether you’re en route back home from work or enjoying a relaxing vacation getaway, don’t relax in your personal safety and give a criminal any chance to make you their next target.

Michelle Annese is a 3rd degree black belt with 15+ years experience teaching self defense and safety for women and children. She is the creator of The Realtor Survival Guide, Protection for Women , and The SafeGuard System for Kids. For more information on how to protect yourself and your family check out other articles by Michelle Annese at and get her free weekly family safety e-newsletters.

Where To Look For Dirt-Cheap DVD Software. Part III

Written by David D. Deprice

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