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Written by Doreene Clement

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What you saw?

Daily travel experiences, and expenses.

Favorites-hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, locations, etc.

The funniest thing that happened.

The most difficult thing that happened.

In your travel journal you can add photos, receipts, memorabilia, maps, drawings, menus, any items that you want to add, and that fitrepparttar space you have.

Travel Journals forrepparttar 145008 Children

A great tool to involverepparttar 145009 whole family is to create a travel journal forrepparttar 145010 children. They can use a notebook and recordrepparttar 145011 same items that you did, writing what their experiences were. They can also write a story telling what they experienced each day. You can create a game for them where they countrepparttar 145012 cows they see, other children they met, or towns, etc., keeping that information in their journal.

Userepparttar 145013 idea of a travel journal to keep a written record of all your travels, all those adventures.

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Written by Matt Reider

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If you are planning to do a lot of hostelling, it is wise to investigaterepparttar situation from home first. The Youth Hostelling Association, for example offers a membership card that entitles you to a reduced rate whilst staying at recognised sites. Hostelling International (HI) isrepparttar 144916 largest chain of hostels inrepparttar 144917 world. All HI sites require a YHA membership card to be presented when you turn up. These cards should be purchased in your home country before you leave.

There are plenty of private hostels available as well, but tales of infantile curfews, bedbug infestations and slightly deranged owners abound so if at all possible; it is best to stick with recognised brand. If you are thinking of booking a private hostel, do Google search first so see if there is anything untoward written about it.

You may have realised that you and your friends are notrepparttar 144918 only people that are going to be backpacking through Europe inrepparttar 144919 summer. If you are travelling in July and August, it is best to try and book ahead for some places, especially popular cities like Rome, Paris, London and Venice. Although it is tempting to be completely spontaneous, you may find yourself without a place to stay, especially atrepparttar 144920 weekend.

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