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Written by Eddy De Vos

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·MALARIA (swamp fever, malaria)

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by a parasite (called Plasmodium) transmitted byrepparttar bite ofrepparttar 143573 Anopheles mosquito. There are four different types of which Malaria falciparum isrepparttar 143574 most dangerous andrepparttar 143575 most widespread. The incubation period –repparttar 143576 time between an infecting bite andrepparttar 143577 appearance ofrepparttar 143578 disease – varies from ten days to four weeks (rarely several months).

The symptoms include attacks of fever, but can initially be quite similar to influenza. If adequate treatment is not started in time, an attack may sometimes result in death within a few days.

. Where does malaria occur?

Malaria only occurs in those areas in which Anopheles mosquitoes are present : inrepparttar 143579 tropics and in a large number of subtropical areas. From a height of 1.500 to 2.500 m onwards, depending on temperature and climate, Anopheles mosquitoes are either rare or non-existent.

In most big cities there is little or no risk at all of infection, except in Africa where a real risk exists.

Risk also exists inrepparttar 143580 suburbs ofrepparttar 143581 big cities in Asia (e.g. in India). In a number of areasrepparttar 143582 risk varies according torepparttar 143583 season.

. How can malaria be prevented?

It is very important for travel health to avoid mosquito bites :repparttar 143584 Anopheles mosquito only bites between dusk and dawn, is rather small and hardly makes any noise. - Inrepparttar 143585 evening wear light-coloured clothing which covers your arms and legs as much as possible. Apply repellent cream with a DEET basis (20 to 50%, for children and pregnant women preferably 20 to 30%) torepparttar 143586 uncovered parts of your body. Repeat this every four to six hours (it will not protect you all night). Non containing DEET repellents were less examined; Autan-Active. and Mosegor. are however excellent safe products. - Sleep in rooms that leave no access to mosquitoes, (mosquito nets onrepparttar 143587 sills, electrically-warmed anti-mosquito plates, air-conditioning) or sleep under a mosquito net impregnated with permethrine or deltamethrine hung overrepparttar 143588 bed withrepparttar 143589 edges tucked underrepparttar 143590 mattress.

If these measures are carried out correctly,repparttar 143591 risk of malaria will be reduced by 80 to 90% and travel health is maintained

.The intake of pills as prevention

There is no drug efficient enough to prevent malaria 100%, which means that quite often a combination of measures is preferable. Alsorepparttar 143592 drugs used have changed overrepparttar 143593 years. Moreover,repparttar 143594 advantages and disadvantages of drugs should be considered againstrepparttar 143595 risk of malaria infection. These risks are dependent onrepparttar 143596 visited country, and onrepparttar 143597 region,repparttar 143598 season,repparttar 143599 duration of your stay andrepparttar 143600 kind of trip.

Some people might be troubled byrepparttar 143601 side effects while taking antimalarial drugs. These are usually mild and are not always a reason to stop takingrepparttar 143602 pills. Sometimes it may be necessary to change to another type of medication due to intestinal problems, allergic reactions or other intolerance symptoms.

Therefore it isrepparttar 143603 doctor who can best decide for each individual which drug to use. This explains why individuals from repparttar 143604 same group may end up taking different drugs.

Finally, as no drug is 100% effective in preventing malaria, it is important that if an attack of fever occurs inrepparttar 143605 first three months after your return fromrepparttar 143606 tropics, a malaria infection should be considered as a possibility despite repparttar 143607 correct use ofrepparttar 143608 drug prescribed.

However, it is reassuring to know that malaria, provided it is recognised in time, is easy to treat without any danger of recurrent attacks. The belief that "once malaria always malaria" is totally untrue.

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CAUTION: The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or forrepparttar 143610 diagnosis or forrepparttar 143611 treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for any and all medical conditions. Call 911 for all medical emergencies.

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Travel Web Sites – 5 Dirty Little Secrets

Written by Cliff Calderwood

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The travel web sites may be complimentary to search but they charge to book, and if you have to change itinerary then it can be frustrating and costly. Onrepparttar good siderepparttar 143530 service fees are not usually outrageous – around $5 per ticket. But I’ve seen some creeping up to around $20 and there’s no need to pay that price.

Now transfer fees are another kettle of fish, and it can cost you $100 or more to change after you’ve booked a flight. And if you want a refund… be prepared to spend hours onrepparttar 143531 phone to get to somebody who can authorize it.

The travel search engines make money from paid advertising and a referral fee fromrepparttar 143532 airlines or hotels, so usually you don’t pay a fee when using them to book. But this is changing so check for fee disclosure before booking.


Many ofrepparttar 143533 travel web sites have a link on their page that allows you to become part of their affiliate program for no cost. The problem is it’s usually “hidden” atrepparttar 143534 bottom ofrepparttar 143535 page in type point 7 invisible. By becoming an affiliate you can earn a small commission for everybody you refer to them that buys a ticket or room.

But before you rush out and quit your day job and set yourself up as a home-based travel agent, understand you’ll have to send them hundreds and hundreds of people hot to buy to make any money. But here are better reasons to become an affiliate…

These same sites allow you as an affiliate to purchase your own tickets and still get paidrepparttar 143536 commission. It’s effectively a discount. Forrepparttar 143537 sake of spending a few minutes completingrepparttar 143538 form why not do it?

Now be sure to checkrepparttar 143539 small print onrepparttar 143540 agreement just so you’re familiar withrepparttar 143541 restrictions if any, and how they’ll pay you.

Armed with these tips and secrets you’ll be better prepared to navigate through a travel web site. I use them allrepparttar 143542 time and continue to find new twists and gotchas. And there’s still that travel agent inrepparttar 143543 mall if you just can’t be bothered withrepparttar 143544 whole online game.

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