Travel Canada: The Calgary Stampede

Written by Jean Sutherland

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Travel Canada: Old Time Rigs

Have you ever wanted to ride a horse-drawn rig, and seerepparttar sights ofrepparttar 139858 Old, Wild West? Well, if you get your free tickets early, you can. Volunteers start corralling people atrepparttar 139859 NE corner of Fluor Rope Square at 8:30am every Stampede morning, and travelers torepparttar 139860 Canadian city can grab them on a first come, first served basis. The tour starts at 9:30am promptly, and takes travelers to a free pancake breakfast and a short, one hour tour ofrepparttar 139861 downtown area of Calgary, Canada. Visitors are then dropped off at Stampede Park atrepparttar 139862 main north entrance when finished.

Travel Canada: Square Dancing

Every day, from 10:00 – 12:00 noon, travelers to Canada’s Stampede can learn how to square dance fromrepparttar 139863 pro’s. The corner of Stephen Avenue and 1st Street SW (across fromrepparttar 139864 Bay) hosts this all ages, all experience level fun time, cowboy style.

Travel Canada: Western Showcase

Like many large exhibitions such asrepparttar 139865 Calgary Stampede, travelers torepparttar 139866 Canadian event can viewrepparttar 139867 arts and crafts that present and preserverepparttar 139868 Western Heritage. Cooking shows, live entertainment (such as Cowboy Poetry), photo exhibits and original western art are all proudly displayed forrepparttar 139869 world to see in Hall D ofrepparttar 139870 Roundup Centre.

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A whole new way to look at a weekend

Written by Thomas Cherian

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A fabulous getaway that's only 16km away fromrepparttar busy streets of Bangalore.

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