Travel Asia: Festivities and Fun

Written by Jean Sutherland

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Travel Asia: Asakusa Samba

Toyko’s version ofrepparttar Rio Carnaval happens every August, inrepparttar 138834 Asakusa district. Travelers to Asia and natives alike are amazed byrepparttar 138835 colorful sequined costumes and feathers ofrepparttar 138836 dancing Samba girls, along with their full bands marching downrepparttar 138837 street alongside them.

Travel Asia: The Festival ofrepparttar 138838 Hungry Ghosts

Hong Kong hosts this unusual yearly event, held onrepparttar 138839 14th day ofrepparttar 138840 seventh moon (sometime in August, during a full moon). Legend says thatrepparttar 138841 gates of Hades were opened on this day, andrepparttar 138842 dead who cannot rest were left to runrepparttar 138843 streets mischievously. The Yue Lan Festival, as it is known in Chinese, has natives ofrepparttar 138844 city putting up odd paper monuments all overrepparttar 138845 streets, which are then ceremoniously burned onrepparttar 138846 last day.

Travel Asia: The Monkey God Festival

The Monkey God first appeared in Chinese literature duringrepparttar 138847 Ming Dynasty inrepparttar 138848 book, “Pilgrims torepparttar 138849 West”. Since then, this deity has been celebrated duringrepparttar 138850 month of September at Kowloon’s Sau Mau Ping Temple, by recreating a bizarre attempted execution by otherrepparttar 138851 other gods – which includes such things as a ladder of knives, and charcoal set on fire. Travelers to this strange Asian celebration need not be concerned, though –repparttar 138852 Monkey God lived, and so dorepparttar 138853 participants in this celebration.

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Enjoy the Bahamas with Adequate Sun Protection

Written by Fred Coolridge

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In addition to sunscreen, you should always wear a hat with a brim wide enough to offer sun protection. Do not forget to sufficiently cover your body with a light-weight cotton long-sleeved shirt when you suspect that your skin has had enough sun. Finally, be sure to provide your body with an adequate amount of water. Becoming dehydrated inrepparttar hot Bahamas sun can make you very ill and can cost you a day of your vacation.

Beware, aside from a nasty sunburn or dehydration,repparttar 138833 outcome of over-exposure torepparttar 138834 sun can be much worse. Skin cancer is very serious and if left untreated can be fatal. Watch for signs of skin cancer on your body, notably, irregular or discolored moles or sores that bleed and do not heal. You should be checking yourself from head to toe and do not forgetrepparttar 138835 top of your head!

Sunscreen helps build a barrier againstrepparttar 138836 sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays; it not only decreases your chances of sunburn, but also helps safeguard your body from skin cancer. It takes little time and preparation to safely enjoyrepparttar 138837 wonderful rays ofrepparttar 138838 Bahamas sun!

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