Trapped Between Abusers and Accusers. It's a Spam Sandwich!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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I encoded many ofrepparttar email links on my site with UNICODE symbols in an attempt to foilrepparttar 132769 harvesting software and then immediately got a note from someone doing spamming in an attempt to end spam (!!!) who offered a tool to encode my emails with UNICODE! It must be a joke site because their links don't work andrepparttar 132770 spam sent encouraging me to go encode my emails actually showed my address in UNICODE BEFORE their enocoding! For those of you that haven't used this little trick it's detailed in an article (along with a dozen other articles on spam issues) at:

I also recommend two others, one that details a list of anti-spam techniques and a second that lists resources to fight spam.

I finally decided I'd had enough of it and signed up for a paid service that cleans my emailbox every twenty minutes and removesrepparttar 132771 latest load of stupid promotions -- before I retrieve my mail. It is such a valuable service and worked so well for me that I've begun reselling that service from my site. A free trial is available.

OK, well, now I can rest easy, right? NO! Now I'VE been ACCUSED of spamming and complaints have been registered with SpamCop! I host a daily horoscope list with about 4500 subscribers that is very popular. I get notes (torepparttar 132772 astrologer, Brandi Jasmine) regularly raving about how much they enjoyrepparttar 132773 daily list. Someone was apparently subscribed by a friend or relative without their permission and they sent nasty notes (anonymously through SpamCop) screeching at me to stop spamming them! Details and full story are available atrepparttar 132774 following address:

I think SPAM will berepparttar 132775 death of me. I'm so tired of fighting it, writing about it and being accused of it myself! I've done all I can to require double opt-in to all my lists. But I'm a list publisher of sorts online and either must learn to live withrepparttar 132776 issue or quit. I won't quit -- but sometimes it sure is tempting. Less tolerant souls could end up "going Postal." The problem is thatrepparttar 132777 only thing I can damage in my rage would be my own computer.

Spammers drive Ferrari's while driving us all nuts. Go figure.

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Talking About the Big S: Don't let The Young Folk Read.

Written by Cheryl A. Crossan

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Hi. This isrepparttar qmail-send program at

I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message torepparttar 132767 following addresses.

This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

: does not like recipient.

Remote host said: 553 VS10-RT Possible forgery or deactivated due to abuse - see (#5.1.1)

Giving up on

This is when I decided to write this article. I donít want to lose another member like this. I donít want any other members on my list like this. Iím worried and discouraged that this person may have been contacting you with scams.

I am going to say it again. Donít spam people. Taking a short-cut will only lose you business. You have absolutely nothing to gain by this. There are no short cuts to good business practices. What we do today will follow us, good or bad, tomorrow. Sincerely, Cheryl.

Cheryl A. Crossan isrepparttar 132768 Publisher of NetSteals News which focuses on helping people design, host, find marketing partners and advertising for little or no cost. mailto:

Cheryl A Crossan is a fiction writer, network marketer and publisher of NetSteals News focusing on helping people design, host, find marketing partners and advertising for little or no cost.

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