Translate Your Web Site and Expand Your Market

Written by June Campbell

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Translation software is an option -- and some say that it has improved inrepparttar last couple of years. However, remember that translation software cannot localise to your target marketrepparttar 134754 way a person familiar withrepparttar 134755 culture can do.

*Localisation companies can also support your business services. It is not enough to simply translate your web site. You must be able to processrepparttar 134756 orders and service your customers in their language.

*If your web site is going to be updated regularly, discuss a maintenance package. Some companies will monitor your English web site for changes, then make corresponding modifications to your international sites.

*Your web server could require special enablements. Ask your web administrator for input. Localisation companies also assist in this area. When selecting a localisation company, look for one that asks a lot of questions. They must thoroughly understand your business needs before they can providerepparttar 134757 type of service you need. A multicultural development company can also offer suggestions regardingrepparttar 134758 design of your site and how it will work in different cultures. The company might also be able to suggest ways of modifying site architecture to save you money.

*Ask your localisation company for a weekly report onrepparttar 134759 status of your project.

Fees will vary. Do price comparisons, but remember that price should not berepparttar 134760 only consideration.

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I'm Here. Now What?

Written by June Campbell

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Here's how it works. As soon as I click through to your site, impress me with a headline and some copy that will clearly show me that you are offering memberships and that I will realize benefits by joining. Make it plain that membership will remove pain or produce gain. (You do knowrepparttar difference between features and benefits, don't you?)

Now, take me, step- by -step, through every possible advantage that I will receive by joining. Show me some testimonials from satisfied members. Work a couple of these into your copy. Sure, it's fine to have a special testimonials page, but including brief testimonials in your regular copy is more effective and more likely to be read. And of course, they will be genuine and not contrived, right?

Every few paragraphs, include a direct link to your Membership Form. After all, once I'm ready to join, don't let me loserepparttar 134753 impulse by leading me through more information than I want at that point.

When you've made all of your points, closerepparttar 134754 sale. Ask me to join. You can do this subtly by "transferring ownership." For example, you can begin referring to "my membership" instead of "a membership." You could say, "Click here to activate your membership," for example.

Sure, you can have links to your "Less Wanted Responses." Let's say your "Less Wanted Responses" include buying a product or signing up to your newsletter. Put those links off torepparttar 134755 side where they are visible, but don't give themrepparttar 134756 same weight or same importance and your MWR -- taking out a membership.

Design your site this way, and you are certain to see a generous increase in your MWR. Publishing an ezine or newsletter? The same thing applies. Decide on your MWR and guide your subscribers to it.

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