Transforming through Sound

Written by Theresa Jodray

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There are many ways in which sound combined withrepparttar energy of crystals may restore balance and release stress. Within everyone are allrepparttar 122413 energies and forces of our universe carryingrepparttar 122414 potential to manifest greater fulfillment, abundance, health and awareness. Throughrepparttar 122415 transformation of sound we can touch upon learning to use energies and abilities long forgotten but still within our reach.

To learn more onrepparttar 122416 effects of sound I recommend reading SACRED SOUNDS by, Ted Andrews a book that brings togetherrepparttar 122417 power found inrepparttar 122418 spoken word, music and sounds to help one create inner balance and healing.

" Theresa F. Jodray holds her Masters in the Science of Parapsychic Science. She is a freelance photographer and writer whose uninhibited work inspires people in all walks of life, including other photographers and artists, several of whom have publicly praised her work. "

10 Intuition Busters

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A.

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6. Hang out with people who don't believe in intuition, know about it, or use it. Intuition is contagious and so is lack of intuition.

7. Try and invoke your intuition with willpower or force it in any way.

8. Believing that logic, analysis and rational thinking arerepparttar only way or best way to solve problems, make decisions and generate solutions.

9. Not being able to stillrepparttar 122412 executive function of your brain--the part that scans, is alert, worries and analyzes.

10. Not getting coaching or teaching so you get feedback on your skills as they develop, learn how to manage your ego, and keep yourself off overload as you learn.

Susan Dunn is a personal and professional development coach, speaker, writer and author and head of a distance learning school. Email her for FREE ezine.

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