Transform your Home Page to Pull Sales with Passion Copywriting

Written by Judy Cullins

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Sample headlines: "Imagine Yourself a Published Author in Just One Month!" or "Enjoy Leap Out of Bed Energy" or "Make Decisions with Confidence and Ease."

If you have a product you want to sell, place that headline atrepparttar very top--even above your opening question or statement.

You can even use a testimonial as your headline. The whole phrase can berepparttar 108148 link to your product.

Include another headline for your service. If it's coaching or consulting try something like this, "Letrepparttar 108149 Book Coach Make Your Book Dream a Reality," or "Pull Ongoing, Lifetime Profits by Marketing Your Products with Online Promotion."

If you want to boost subscribers to your ezine, first give it a catchy name. Then put a short testimonial from an expert inrepparttar 108150 field nearrepparttar 108151 place to subscribe. Another proven technique is to include an offer of a free report with each subscription. Potential customers come to your site for free information, not to buy your product. Be patient with this process because after your visitors know and trust you, they are be likely to buy.

Be sure to add a notice: "Please bookmark this site, we upload new material every two weeks." Or, "If you like this Web site, send this page to a friend or associate." Of course, have your Web master includerepparttar 108152 correct links.

3. Include a short piece about yourself--maybe three or four lines. Web visitors don't care about you. They want to know what you can do for them.

4. Include 3-5 questions you think your potential buyer has and that you haverepparttar 108153 answers for. Offer a link to your service page.

Wondering what these benefit statements (links) connect to? Your award-winning, "what's in it for me" sales letter of course, but that's another article.

Think passion and benefits when you revise your Web home page. Make sure it's fast loading and easy to read. Get feedback from others to make sure your Web home page gives what your potential customers want.

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Short Copy: Understanding Its Purpose Can Increase Sales

Written by Karon Thackston

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Many times, short copy will pull a better response if a limited-time offer is made. "Zero percent interest until January 30th" or "Order before February 1st and get FREE shipping."

WARNING: Be very, VERY sure that your support copy is ready to go when you run short ads. For instance, I once had a client approach me about writing copy for a postcard campaign he wanted to do. As we went throughrepparttar process of his customers' most desired behavior, I discovered that he wanted readers to visit his Web site to getrepparttar 108147 additional information they needed in order to purchase. However, his Web site was hardly set up to sell anything to anybody.

Whilerepparttar 108148 postcard was fully capable of generating leads forrepparttar 108149 client,repparttar 108150 support information he had prepared was in desperate shape! He would have seen little return on his investment - not becauserepparttar 108151 postcard didn't do its job - but becauserepparttar 108152 "landing page" of his site was simply awful.

Whether you're asking readers of short copy to call, click, or come by, be sure your support staff or information is ready, willing, and able to handlerepparttar 108153 job.

Lastly, when you write extremely short copy, remember to stay focused. As I've said, there is not enough room to sellrepparttar 108154 customers within your copy, but there IS enough room to pique their interest. Userepparttar 108155 limited space you have to punch uprepparttar 108156 biggest benefits or end results your customers are looking for, and you'll see bigger returns on your investment.

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