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Written by Jim Edwards

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This enables you to send virtually anything you can think of to anyone with an email address and Internet connection.

The site appears to make its money from advertising revenue generated by popup ads and Google AdSense (where they earn a commission every time someone clicks a link).

Third, like did when first starting out, encourages message recipients to turn around and userepparttar service to send files to their friends.

This "viral marketing" effect should help them spreadrepparttar 145425 word quickly without a huge marketing budget.

** ** also enables users to send large files, though they restrict file sizes to 100 MB.

However, offers one extra feature lacking in YouSendIt: delivery confirmation.

Dropload enables you to know whenrepparttar 145426 person you sentrepparttar 145427 file to actually clicksrepparttar 145428 link to downloadrepparttar 145429 file.

This cuts down onrepparttar 145430 "I never gotrepparttar 145431 file" claims and acts likerepparttar 145432 Post Office making them sign for registered mail.

You can't prove they read it, but you can prove they received it. does require you to register for a username and password, butrepparttar 145433 service is free.

Overall, both services do an excellent job of solving a growing problem for a huge audience worldwide.

Also, if you sell information products customers download fromrepparttar 145434 Internet,repparttar 145435 link expiration and confirmation features can come in handy (such as giving out free samples or preview copies to potential joint venture partners).

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Surge Protector: A Simple Mechanism Description

Written by T.L. McMullen

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UL1449: Standard rated by Underwriters Laboratories asrepparttar minimum protection standards for surge protectors. It rates suppressors byrepparttar 145174 amount of voltage passage they allow.

Protection Indicator: LED indicator as to metal-oxide varistors functioning. MOVs do not last forever – one lightening strike can fry them out.

Line Conditioning: Most surge protectors contain this feature. It filters out line noise using a toroidal choke coil to “condition”repparttar 145175 current.

Power Switch: There are manual on/off power switches as well as circuit switches. Circuit switches are useful for keeping some components running while others are shut off.

Circuit Breaker or Fuse: A fuse is a resistor that can conduct current below a certain level. Ifrepparttar 145176 current is higher than acceptable, heat burnsrepparttar 145177 fuse and cuts offrepparttar 145178 circuit. Breakers are more economical than fuses as they do not have to be replaced.

Protection Guarantee: Readrepparttar 145179 terms and conditions carefully! It is important to understand your consumer rights inrepparttar 145180 event of damage to devices your surge protector neglects to protect (Kozierok). According to data published on Hewlett Packard’s website, recent statistics reveal 63 percent of all electronics casualties arerepparttar 145181 result of a power related problem. Most affected are devices using computer chips and high-speed microprocessors. Unprotected computers can suffer hardware degradation and extensive damage when exposed to power surges (Power Protect Your Computer).

The cost of a surge protector varies greatly depending on user needs. Basic models sell for as low as $10 but one should be cautious as torepparttar 145182 capabilities these units offer.

NOTE: It is important to connect all peripheral equipment torepparttar 145183 surge protector for complete protection. This includes phone jacks, modems, cables, and any other external devices that will receive electrical current.

All visuals have been removed from this article to comply withrepparttar 145184 publishing rules for this site.

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