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Written by Jim Edwards

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The site appears to make its money from advertising revenue generated by popup ads and Google AdSense (where they earn a commission every time someone clicks a link).

Third, like did when first starting out, encourages message recipients to turn around and userepparttar service to send files to their friends.

This "viral marketing" effect should help them spreadrepparttar 145422 word quickly without a huge marketing budget.

** ** also enables users to send large files, though they restrict file sizes to 100 MB.

However, offers one extra feature lacking in YouSendIt: delivery confirmation.

Dropload enables you to know whenrepparttar 145423 person you sentrepparttar 145424 file to actually clicksrepparttar 145425 link to downloadrepparttar 145426 file.

This cuts down onrepparttar 145427 "I never gotrepparttar 145428 file" claims and acts likerepparttar 145429 Post Office making them sign for registered mail.

You can't prove they read it, but you can prove they received it. does require you to register for a username and password, butrepparttar 145430 service is free.

Overall, both services do an excellent job of solving a growing problem for a huge audience worldwide.

Also, if you sell information products customers download fromrepparttar 145431 Internet,repparttar 145432 link expiration and confirmation features can come in handy (such as giving out free samples or preview copies to potential joint venture partners).

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School Fundraisers - How To Raise Twice The Money With Half The Sweat

Written by Travis Sago

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Here are a some places that will get your creative juices going. One ofrepparttar biggest managers inrepparttar 145271 affiliate programs is Commission Junction, you can find them at, you will find hundreds of partnering opportunities from brand names you know and trust. Another great resource to checkout is, known as Clickbank, they specialize in electronic books and software with thousands of titles to choose from. Also many companies, such as Wal-mart manage their own affiliate program which means you can partner up directly from their site. It's great fun and can be highly profitable to look forrepparttar 145272 words "affiliate program" on a web page. Commission Junction is a smorgasboard of school fundraiser ideas you should definitely check out.

How much can your school earn? Earnings vary widely with commission ranging from 2% to 75%. Some pay flat fees, for example some satellite companies pay up to $100 for giving away free installations of their system. Wow! Print some flyers give away free satellite and your school receives $100 for each installation--very easy school fundraiser!

Now a word torepparttar 145273 wise is play it safe. Stick withrepparttar 145274 companies you know. You will have better success at raising funds with well known and respected companies and you won't have to worry about your funds reaching your school.

Sorepparttar 145275 secret to school fundraisers is out. Find a great partner, let folks know they can get great products and services they were going to purchase anyway, and help a school atrepparttar 145276 same time.

Want more fundraiser tips or help? Click over to

Article by Travis Sago a veteran fundraiser for several non-profits including The Special Olympics, Battered Women's Shelter and Arkansas Fraternal Order of Police. Contact Info.

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