Tranni DíElectric and why men are such pleasant pigs!

Written by Tranni D'Electric.

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Oh, Iím not giving out, complaining, or anything, but these are just some ofrepparttar technical issues that Iím presented with. And while my life is consumed with such effluent goals or subject matter, it is hardly a wonder that I donít have time to date.

I would also like to introduce a caveat. If any of you ladies out there should know of any man with excellent toilet practises, then let me know. In any case, my email account is 60 Kilobytes in capacity, and I donít expect it to be full. Ever! Unless of course, that some man decides to use it as a toilet!

Going a little further, if any lady out there knows of a pig that is unattached, then I will certainly consider such an option.

Sincerely, Tranni DíElectric

Tranni D'Electric is an "expert" columnist with and is proficient with electronics.

Do you suffer from too much GAS?

Written by Mixedlexia

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Lots of gas

Unusual gas symptoms

Exactlyrepparttar right amount of gas

Mixedlexia is an "Expert" columnist with

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