Traits of Intuitive People

Written by Susan Dunn, Coach

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7. Tendency to be a little dyslexic or else an exceptional student and sometimes both. Greater than average chance of having a photographic memory or total recall.

8. Lots of experience as a mediator--formal or informal.

9. Tendency to experience phases of temporary endocrine system dysfunction popping up and then subsiding (thyroid gland, adrenals).

10. Powerful need to spend time alone or in nature on a regular basis.

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9 Tips to Control Your Paper at Home

Written by Barbara Myers

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6. Set uprepparttar simplest filing system possible. Use broad categories and you'll be more likely to file. Buy a portable file box so you can file while watching TV.

7. Post appropriate information where you need it. Hang a stain removal guide in your laundry room. Tape instruction manuals to appliances and electronics.

8. Place mail order catalogs in a reading basket near a cozy chair. Keep onlyrepparttar 131059 ones you truly enjoy. Have sticky notes and pen ready for ordering notes.

9. Make a "hold" file for sporting schedules, tickets to future events and department/specialty store coupons you might use. Use this file for anything you will need at a future date. Weed it out monthly.

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