Training Your Dog To Lay Down On Command

Written by Lee Dobbins

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3. Give your dog praise. Show him you are really happy with your voice and body language.

4. At firstrepparttar dog will get right back up, but as time goes on you can lengthenrepparttar 143128 timerepparttar 143129 dog stays inrepparttar 143130 down position by waiting to give him praise.

5. Repeat three to five times at each session. Repetition is important but you don’t want to do too much at one time. If you really want to drill it in, you can have several sessions spaced out throughoutrepparttar 143131 day.

There’s more rewards than meetsrepparttar 143132 eye with training your dog. For onerepparttar 143133 dog gets used to listening to his name. He also will get used to doing things on your command. All in all, training strengthens your positions – you as leader and helpsrepparttar 143134 dog feel secure. Spend a couple of minutes each day training your dog. This will help cement your friendship.

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National Pet Memorial Day, September 11, 2005

Written by Lee Guttentag

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•Create a living memorial by planting a tree or bush at Tree Givers, •Participate in online pet loss groups to remember your beloved companions. •Collect photographs and make a photo album or scrapbook, frame pictures or just carry them with you in your wallet. •Start a pet loss support group in your area or volunteer your time at an animal shelter. •Collect your favorite pictures and turn them into a screen saver for your computer. •Make a donation to your favorite cause in memory of your pet. •Watch old video taken of your pet with you and your family. •Callrepparttar people who were closest to your pet and invite them over to your house and exchange stories with each other about good times spent with your pet.

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