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Written by Jean Sutherland

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Get listed in ezine directories and search engines. Submit by hand and not by some mass program. Many of them don't work properly and search engines are starting to ignore them. Start with as they feed a lot of other search engines. Then hitrepparttar top five.

Get Google traffic. It's not that hard. There's no special trick. Simply go to and read their recommendations and then make sure you implement them into your site so that your site is properly optimized. Set aside some time every day...15 minutes to an hour and work on optimizing your site correctly.

Want to get into Yahoorepparttar 131604 free way. It's easy...visit here It may take a month or more, but it will save you a lot of money. If you are in a hurry and time is money then usedrepparttar 131605 paid listing. It by no means guarantee that you will get it and they will not refund your money if they reject you, but if you have done things right you should be ok.

If you can write articles do so. If you don't then put appropriate articles on your site for others to read. Either will bring you traffic. Archived articles that you have written can bring you traffic for years to come. This is an effective long term strategy and will help to establish you and your credentials as well. A popular ezine directory like will give you some insight on what ezines will accept your articles and submitting to ezine article sites will give you even wider distribution. Make sure all your articles include a small footer atrepparttar 131606 end, aboutrepparttar 131607 author. This should be kept to 4-5 lines and has to be as effective as possible in order to bring you new visitors.

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