Traditional Advertising Can Not Work, Find out what's happening.

Written by Jerry Klabunde

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of America (VOA), Radio Free Europe (RFE) and major top 10 traditional domestic media properties. Effective Advertising isrepparttar difference between knowing how your advertising is performing rather than guessing, as we are today. Why traditional advertising does not work is because we have not changedrepparttar 101002 way we advertise since we began to advertise. You will be schocked by what you will learn.

Jerry Klabunde Prrsident Effective Advertising and Associates

Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Major Traditional Media Properties, Academic, Several Degrees, Pratical Experience Studing Advertising and it's Effecency, There are parts missing that is keeping it from being a communication.

Don't Be a Tom, Dick or Harry

Written by Karen E. Hipp

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*I had been using this same ad format for over a year, changing copy here and there.

*It became too stale. Everyone's like "Yeah there's that ad again╔whatever." Of course you know what I changed ASAP.

Now aboutrepparttar wayrepparttar 101001 ad looks and sounds. Let's start withrepparttar 101002 copy. The copy should be written as if you were having a conversation with someone. Not full of stiff sentences and things that mean a lot to you, but to no one else. What do they think after they read your ad? Does anything urge them to take action? Maybe they even laughed (in a good way). Good humor is easily remembered.

Spend your money on creative to come up withrepparttar 101003 concept and designrepparttar 101004 ad. A lot and I mean a lot of heads of companies or owners think they know how to do this.

Wrong. You knowrepparttar 101005 product you are selling. You don't know art direction or concept. You do know your product, so tellrepparttar 101006 art director or agency aboutrepparttar 101007 product and what market(s) you are trying to reach. They arerepparttar 101008 professionals, so trust that they know what they're doing.

If you are concerned aboutrepparttar 101009 cost of such services, then run your ad 8 times instead ofrepparttar 101010 10 you planned. Branding your company and your product is worthrepparttar 101011 extra cash. First impressions do count.

You have to treat advertising like overhead. Just like shipping materials and postage. It's all part ofrepparttar 101012 cost of your product, so it must have a respectable position in your overall budget. Not "what's left-over."

Now you are armed withrepparttar 101013 tools so you won't be like "Tom, Dick or Harry."

Move advertising torepparttar 101014 right place on your balance sheet and don't followrepparttar 101015 crowd.

Six months from now, you'll be glad you did. Copyright 2002. Re-use permission

Karen E. Hipp is a nationally recognized marketing consultant and the author of the ebook "Do-It-Yourself Marketing." Karen has been honored with "Marketing Director of the year in two separate industries and has won 54 Addy Awards. Karen's business, Hipp Marketing, focuses on small to medium sized businesses that need marketing help.

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