Trade Show Promotional Products - Boosting Booth Traffic

Written by Cindy Carrera

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Another way to utilize giveaways is to create a theme for your booth, and incorporate your promotional items into that theme. Your whole booth will stand out, and will make a lasting impression. Perhaps you are an HVAC dealer. You could userepparttar theme "Stay Cool This Summer" and have people sign up for a free air conditioner. As they fill out their entry forms (which you will use as leads), you can pass out cheap plastic sunglasses with your name on them. Or, perhaps you can even hand out bottled water with your label on it. The whole theme idea is a cohesive way to build leads, build recognition and even excitement.

There is also a lesser-known way to promote your trade show booth. You can actually promote your giveaway beforerepparttar 144393 show even happens. You can send out an invitation to customers you know typically attendrepparttar 144394 shows, and on that invitation you can say, "The first 100 people to stop by our booth will get a free travel mug!" This will build traffic beforerepparttar 144395 show even opens. Another way to do this is to send out a note to current or potential clients with a small item, such as a pen or magnet and then asking them to drop by your booth. They may feel obligated to since you already gave them something.

The secret weapon here is not just inrepparttar 144396 product itself, but how it is distributed. Withrepparttar 144397 right product andrepparttar 144398 right salesperson workingrepparttar 144399 booth, promotional items can be a very powerful tool. The leads and follow-up business will prove it!

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Trade Show Exhibit Booth - 7 Tips to Improve Yours

Written by Patty Stripes

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4. Get more lights thanrepparttar neighbour This is really a good trick which has worked well with me in most ofrepparttar 144392 international trade shows I have participated in. Order a few more lights than whatrepparttar 144393 exhibitors are providing. You can argue that more lights would make you a sweat a bit more, but it would also make you stand out amongst similar stalls asrepparttar 144394 booth would look brighter and somehow more attractive.

5. Personnel should be trained on projects Sometimes due to shortage of personnel we might hire hosts forrepparttar 144395 trade show. It is something which cannot be avoided so it would be better that you plan in advance for this and give them sufficient training to them so that they do not appear ignorant to customer requirements.

6. Flaunt your best attributes Though this specific point has been mentioned in previous articles, it is also required to be mentioned here. You should have a concise communication strategy in all your display material to be able to attract visitors. Relevant graphics and a strong message delivery can make allrepparttar 144396 difference between your and your competitors stall.

7. Smile This is something which is a no-cost sure fire winner. You need to be cheerful but not overly friendly and have a genuine smile while talking to visitors. Asrepparttar 144397 Chinese correctly said that a man without a smiling face should never open a shop and they surely know something about selling.

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