Trade Show Marketing - Getting Prepared for the Big Event

Written by Patty Stripes

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5. What isrepparttar total number of booths and what isrepparttar 145538 occupancy rate a few weeks beforerepparttar 145539 show? The thumb rule is that a trade show can have about 5 to 10 percent of empty stands about 2 weeks beforerepparttar 145540 event which eventually gets filled in my last minute confirmations or by sponsors. Ifrepparttar 145541 numbers are higher that this, you should checkrepparttar 145542 official reason given byrepparttar 145543 exhibitors to ensure that you don't end up participating in a show which has too many empty stands.

6. Isrepparttar 145544 tradeshow provider offering a 'desperate' discount and doing unusual number of follow ups? If you get an offer for a trade show booth which is just too good to believe then it is probably too good to believe. 'Desperate' discounts are offered by event planners as a last ditch attempt to sell all booths as you should only participate is such tradeshows if you have unique reason to do so.

7. Testimonials and repeat number of participants year after year is another good way to check onrepparttar 145545 trade show. If you see a large number of repeat participants over a number of years, it is a good way to determinerepparttar 145546 quality ofrepparttar 145547 event.

Quality of location and association with service providers also help in getting to knowrepparttar 145548 seriousness with whichrepparttar 145549 trade show providers approach their work. I hope this article is also read by trade show providers to realize what exhibitors look out for!

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How To Get Celebrities To Endorse YOUR Product

Written by Louis Allport

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How about a phone call? It's worth a chance, but then againrepparttar person you're trying to reach may have a secretary, and what are your chances of getting past them with a testimonial request?

Or of course you could always send them a good ole fashioned "snail mail" letter, preferably including a complimentary copy of your product.

Will this work? Well, it will definitely help get their attention. You may want to contact them via email initially asking them for their postal address so you can send them a review copy ofrepparttar 145537 product.

By doing that initially you're sure to getrepparttar 145538 right address, and it helps put a mental note inrepparttar 145539 person's mind that they're going to receive a package from you soon.

Or here's an almost fool proof way: why not buy time from them? Especially if they offer consulting already. It doesn't guarantee they'll offer a testimonial, but if your product's great, chances are they will.

So let's say you've gotrepparttar 145540 product in their hands, and they like it. Here'srepparttar 145541 last step:

Make it as easy as possible for them. The people you contact are very busy, since that's how they got to where they are.

So what you need to do is writerepparttar 145542 testimonial for them. And once you've done that, send it over saying "I've included a potential testimonial outline for you. If you would be happy to offer a testimonial forrepparttar 145543 product, please feel free to change this draft testimonial as you would like to."

Now I can't guarantee you'll get testimonials every time you try, especially if you're not well known inrepparttar 145544 market or don't have a relationship withrepparttar 145545 person already. But if you don't try, you'll never know. And just one or two celebrity testimonials can make a real positive impact on your sales forrepparttar 145546 long term.

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