Trade Show Events - Do's and Don'ts

Written by Patty Stripes

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o Consider thy neighbour. Well this logic can work both ways, if you are next to a large multi-tier display, then you can attract considerable footfall duringrepparttar trade show. Onrepparttar 143826 other hand, if you have a reasonably small booth next to a large display space, then you might get completely dwarfed.

Let's take another scenario. If you choose to be part of a section of similar style booths,repparttar 143827 visitors are likely to pace their speed downrepparttar 143828 aisle in a manner which would be allow them to spend some time to see all booths and they are not likely to be in a hurry to get to a larger display. You need to decide this on a bit of gut instinct. Who your neighbour is also might influence your decision.

Some ofrepparttar 143829 don'ts while checking outrepparttar 143830 neighbours are:

o Don't chooserepparttar 143831 booth next to your competitor. The result is going to be a waste of time is trying to check out what is happening in their booth and agonizing about each and every visitor who stops by.

o Don't choose an unrelated industry segment display. If you are dealing in networking, it might not be a great idea to choose a stand in an e-commerce space.

Personally I tend to hang aroundrepparttar 143832 centre ofrepparttar 143833 trade show where most ofrepparttar 143834 action is. Thusrepparttar 143835 aim should be getting torepparttar 143836 section where we can see most number of displays and decide what interests us most. One ofrepparttar 143837 best inputs to chooserepparttar 143838 tradeshow booth location and not listed above is previous experience. A number of trade shows have their peculiarities which might only be realized by previous participants so it is suggested that you speak to colleagues who have attendedrepparttar 143839 show before you. I hope thatrepparttar 143840 above suggestions help you findrepparttar 143841 perfect booth inrepparttar 143842 next trade show!

Patty Stripes is an editor for The Trade Show Booth, check out her latest articles about using a trade show exhibit booth, used trade show display and advantages of a compelling trade show booth design.

Why You Should Use Turnkey Websites To Jumpstart Your Ecommerce Activity

Written by Mark Kenny

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4. Trusted Partners

Affiliate Marketing is made easy by turnkey websites. If you want an affiliate relationship with another online organisation you need to be careful whom you choose. But by purchasing a turnkey site already affiliated with another party, allrepparttar research has already been done for you. Everything will have been examined aboutrepparttar 143799 affiliate program in detail, to make sure they are reliable, secure, pay out on time, offer excellent support to affiliates, and offer flexible linking methods. And if your site is not affiliated to another party but a stand-alone site it will be setup withrepparttar 143800 other payment links to a trusted payment processor such as Paypal or Nochex.

5. Cost

Turnkey websites are very cheap. For roughly $200 you can get one setup including one years hosting or pay monthly hosting and get one setup for about $100. Try getting a new site developed for this cost and you won't get very far. Most web developers charge from $85 per hour, so you'll be lucky if you get one page done forrepparttar 143801 same cost.

6. Quick Setup

Sellers who setup turnkey websites normally do it for a living on a full time basis. They've done it many times before so they know exactly what they're doing. Usually your site will be setup and live within 24 - 48 hours. You shouldn't have any problems after your sites been setup, after all they livelihood depends on it and if a seller makes any mistakes duringrepparttar 143802 setup it can be very costly if not financially, then certainly towards their reputation and feedback.

7. Support

Want promotional advice, or to changerepparttar 143803 style of your site. Who better to ask thanrepparttar 143804 people who created or installed your site? After sales support is normally included by email or a support ticket system and is a valuable source of information. Just one ofrepparttar 143805 benefits of purchasing a turnkey website.

Mark Kenny is an online entrepreneur who specialises in developing turnkey websites in niche and profitable markets. You can see a selection of the work he is involved in at:

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