Tracking & Troubleshooting for Increased Sales

Written by Diane Hughes

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Once you have narrowed down where your visitors are coming from and which ads are pulling best, you’ll want to be sure visitors have a good buying experience when they reach your site.

You know your site. You are familiar with which pages link to what and howrepparttar shopping cart works. First-time visitors will have no clue! Don’t assume your site is a breeze to navigate. Pay attention to elements like:

• ease of navigation, • shopping cart application, and • location of “help” buttons & links.

Make every effort to give your shoppers a simple and quick way to buy from you.


Conduct A Survey

Conduct a survey of your visitors. Find out if they were able to locate what they were looking for. Ask how their experience with your payment gateway went. Question how their contact with customer service was. One simple way to do this is to create a survey using Survey Monkey at They offer some simple and free survey tools. Just load up your questions and postrepparttar 150371 link on your site. (To getrepparttar 150372 best results, you’ll want to offer a gift orrepparttar 150373 chance to register in a drawing to thank visitors for takingrepparttar 150374 time to participate.)


Ask a few people who have never been to your site to take it for a test drive. Make sure these folks know they should give their honest opinions. Sugarcoating problems might boost your ego, but it certainly won’t boost your sales.

By taking a little time to give due attention to how your visitors make their way to your site and what happens once they arrive, you’ll stand a much better shot at increasing your profits. While it may take a while to gatherrepparttar 150375 information you need, this short-term sacrifice will reap some hefty long-term benefits.

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How To Create and Send HTML Newsletters

Written by John Jantsch

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Width – Keeprepparttar width of your newsletter, contained in a table and no more than 600 pixels wide – You want to make sure that your email shows up inrepparttar 150370 email window ofrepparttar 150371 recipient

Image links – If you use images, and you probably should, make sure that you use absolute links torepparttar 150372 images as opposed to relative links. In traditional web page design and image link may be something like …/images/bob.jpg. This is fine when you are gettingrepparttar 150373 image on your server. When you send out an emailrepparttar 150374 recipient needsrepparttar 150375 entire path, more like http://www.yoursite/images/bob.jpg.

How Do You Distribute Them?

I use a service called AWeber - and it’srepparttar 150376 only one I can recommend. I have tried others but nobody comes close to what AWeber provides. AWeber also hates spammers so they do everything they can to make sure that their clients get their email through.

AWeber hosts my mailing list and sends my email newsletter out. Each week I uploadrepparttar 150377 HTML code to my list and AWeber sendsrepparttar 150378 mail out. You can buy software that can do this but once your list grows over 100 people it is far better to use a hosted solution to distribute your email.

AWeber also checks my newsletter to make sure that I haven’t inadvertently used phrases that get my email kicked torepparttar 150379 spam filter.

Text and HTML formats

Unfortunately, HTML email is used very heavily by spammers so HTML only newsletters come with a pretty hefty spam score no matter whatrepparttar 150380 content is. I find that if I load a text message along with my HTML message my email scores much lower. The text email also then is received by people who choose to disable HTML email.

I then also make it a habit of uploading my newsletter to a newsletter archive on my web site. This way those who only getrepparttar 150381 text version can visitrepparttar 150382 web site and my web site benefits from a new page of content.

Here are some turn-key solutions that might may sense for you. Constant Contact - Cooler Email - Double Click- Exact Target - Email Labs -

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