Tracking Your Ads...A Free Alternative

Written by Laura Kneiss

Continued from page 1 and it shortened it to: http:/ The good thing about using tinyurl to shorten your businessworldlist tracking link is that your original url will show up inrepparttar browser. In my case,repparttar 117239 browser will show my original website: No one will know that you are using an ad tracker to track your ads, and it eliminatesrepparttar 117240 problem of a long and hard to remember url. BusinessWorldList is a great tool because it showsrepparttar 117241 websites where your visitors are coming from, not justrepparttar 117242 number of clicks your site receives. It also shows other pertinent information such as:repparttar 117243 browserrepparttar 117244 referrer used, their operating system, and their IP address. In addition, you can also seerepparttar 117245 number of unique clicks your site receives. This has helped me to get a better idea of how many unique visitors I get a day versusrepparttar 117246 total number of hits to my site. Whether you are just starting out, or if you have years of experience working onrepparttar 117247 Internet, a free ad tracker is a great alternative that can help you effectively track your ads and increase your success.

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Profit From Home After 40 - Do You Qualify?

Written by Michael Roberts

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J. Paul Getty once said, “I’d rather have 1% of a hundred peoples efforts that 100% of my own.” This, my friend, isrepparttar key torepparttar 117238 accumulation of wealth. When you help others succeed, you can make money from their efforts. THE MOST POWERFUL WEALTH ACCUMULATION STRATEGY IN THE UNIVERSE!

TIME REQUIREMENT: 10 hours a week. If you cannot carve out 10 hours a week to invest in your family’s future, it is doubtful that you can succeed in a home-based business. TIME invested NOW will providerepparttar 117239 chance to securerepparttar 117240 financial success you desire that can be passed on to successive generations.

I am willing to sharerepparttar 117241 opportunities that are working for me. After due diligence, I believe these companies offerrepparttar 117242 tools and stability required to achieve my goals. I feel an obligation to share this TIME consuming knowledge to those that are willing to step out. People who are ready to make a change in their lives. Those that want more than trading hours for dollars.

If you think you qualify to become a member of my team, I invite you to visitrepparttar 117243 Internet component of my business plan. I am seeking hard working, dedicated, goal oriented individuals to mentor. If you meet this criteria, please review my website listed below. Sign up for my free newsletter that provides strategies to plug in torepparttar 117244 power of e-commerce.

My goal is to help you find a Plan B that can work for YOU! You may call me or email me as follows.

Thank you for your TIME!

Sincerely, Michael Roberts 888-689-9673

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You deserve Financial Freedom

Michael Roberts is a father of four and a successful businessman. He holds a BS and MEd in Education as well as post-graduate work in Educational Psychology. His experience includes teaching, business management and sales/marketing expertise. He is founder of MichRo Enterprises, an international distribution company. He is recognized by the International Society of Poets and lives in a suburb of Atlanta, GA. Review the e-commerce division of his company at

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