Track Your Achievements to Ensure Your Success

Written by Josh Hinds

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My friend, I encourage you to track your achievements. Don't simply cross out your goals as you achieve them. Instead write them out (keep your own success journal). Save them for future reference so thatrepparttar next time you feel you're not making ample progress in your life you can break outrepparttar 101979 proof that you are!

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How to Use the Power of Knowledge to Enrich Your Life

Written by Lisa van den Berg

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Some people learn by audio stimulus. This means that you react well to a teacher telling you what happened or recountingrepparttar scene verbally. It means that you learn better by listening to tapes as opposed to reading. Such people are people who tell brilliant stories and tend to be able to make themself understood byrepparttar 101978 power and eloquence of their words.

Some people learn throughrepparttar 101979 physical realm. They learn from models, physical puzzles, touching and feeling. This can be accomplished by writing out on a piece of paper and tearing it up into a puzzle and reconstructing it, by writing out notes that you review, by drawing a mind map and putting allrepparttar 101980 pieces into a flow chart so you can seerepparttar 101981 logical progression.

All of us learn using a varied combination of all 3 of these methods, although one always seems to be dominant.

Sit and figure out which one helps yourepparttar 101982 most. If you can ‘see’ vivid pictures in your imagination then you’re most likely a visual learner, if you like to write everything out then you’re most likely a physical learner and if you like to listen and talk then you’re probably an audio learner.

Once you know which way you learn best, you’ve opened up a whole new amazing world for yourself. Asrepparttar 101983 saying goes ‘Knowledge is Power’ and believe me, it most certainly is. In a time that is being hailed asrepparttar 101984 ‘Knowledge Revolution’, you can achieve whatever you desire when you haverepparttar 101985 knowledge with which to do it.

Find out which way isrepparttar 101986 easiest and most enjoyable way for you to learn and openrepparttar 101987 floodgates torepparttar 101988 astounding world of Knowledge.

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