Toys are GOOD for your dog

Written by Tina Spriggs

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Like people, dogs are comforted by familiarity. So dog toys that they know and love are great travel companions. They help give your dog a little extra comfort when you're away from home or take a vacation with your dog.

Here are some tips to consider when buying dog toys:

Make sure they do not have small, choking parts. Dogs are like babies here, they put it in their mouth and can choke. They don't know Heimlich!

Don't get realistic looking toys like, say, shoes or food. You don't want them thinking that your shoes are toys or that hot dog sitting onrepparttar counter is really his toy.

Don't buy too many toys. Rotaterepparttar 125755 ones they already have. I do this with my kids too and it works great. It's like getting new toys all over again.

Tina Spriggs is an expert dog lover whose lifelong interest in canines provides the motivation for her site. To learn more about dogs or to find gifts and toys for them visit her site Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

"Put Your Commands On A Diet"

Written by John R. Falk

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"Here," of course, isrepparttar terse call in order that tellsrepparttar 125754 pup to come to you. It is obviously more concise and effectual than "Come on in to me, now" or "Get in here, right now" and helps to avoid confusion. "Sit" and/or "Stay" arerepparttar 125755 crisp directives that set up bothrepparttar 125756 owner's authority and grabrepparttar 125757 pup's attention. Actually,repparttar 125758 “Sit” command should also mean forrepparttar 125759 dog to “Stay,” until released with “OK,” or “Alright.” "Kennel," is a short, business-like order that encompasses a variety of meanings and eliminatesrepparttar 125760 need for additional commands. Forrepparttar 125761 dog it means “Get inrepparttar 125762 house,” "Get in your bed," "Get in your kennel run," "Get in your doghouse," "Get inrepparttar 125763 car," or "Get inrepparttar 125764 crate inrepparttar 125765 car," depending onrepparttar 125766 circumstances ofrepparttar 125767 moment. Obviously, such single-word commands are much more effective and time-saving than all ofrepparttar 125768 above-mentioned separate ones Thus, his vocabulary has been slimmed, but not his understanding of, or obedience to, your various orders.

His later training will expand his vocabulary withrepparttar 125769 new directives of "Heel," "Wait" and "Down." Since you've used "No" to stop your dog's various unwanted acts, such as jumping up on people,repparttar 125770 word "Down" can now specify only one thing torepparttar 125771 dog: lie down. Eventually, he can be taught still more commands, such as “Off,” to tell to get offrepparttar 125772 furniture or your bed. Always keep in mind that these should be selected onrepparttar 125773 basis of crispness, simplicity and whenever possible, pertinence to a variety of situations.

The use ofrepparttar 125774 fewest and shortest commands possible cannot fail to make your job of training andrepparttar 125775 dog's job of learning much faster and easier. There's just no sense in overloading his vocabulary. Keep it and his body lean and you'll raise an alert, responsive, well-behaved, healthy dog…a pooch you can be proud to own.

John R. Falk has authored many magazine articles and four books on dogs. He is the webmaster of his own website: where current and prospective dog owners can find a varied menu of interesting, informative items on our best pals.

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