Towing Your New Trailer

Written by W. H. Ingle

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If you have to pass another vehicle by changing lanes, please anticipaterepparttar much longer time needed for most vehicles when towing. Signal well in advance. Avoid passing on steep grades.You will need to start acceleration earlier and realize your tow vehicle will need much more time to pass when carrying a load. Make sure there is plenty of time to avoid oncoming traffic and leave plenty of clearance before moving back into your lane. You don't want to hitrepparttar 142274 vehicle your passing with your trailer.

When traveling on roads with soft shoulders, avoid gettingrepparttar 142275 trailer wheels offrepparttar 142276 pavement. Contactingrepparttar 142277 soft shoulder can causerepparttar 142278 trailer to start to sway. If it happens, don't panic. Do not try to steer right back ontorepparttar 142279 pavement or hard surface. Take your foot offrepparttar 142280 gas pedal but don't hitrepparttar 142281 tow vehicles brakes. Activaterepparttar 142282 trailer brakes by hand and easily tap your vehicle brakes. Downshift if possible. When you have reached a much slower speed and your trailer is under control, gradually easerepparttar 142283 wheels back ontorepparttar 142284 road.

When encountering steep grades you will notice different handling characteristics when towing. On a steep downhill graderepparttar 142285 trailer can actually push your vehicle. Anticipate this and downshift and let offrepparttar 142286 gas a little. You may have to use your trailer brakes hand control to slow you but don't ride them. Only tap them intermittently to avoid overheating ofrepparttar 142287 brakes and ultimately, brake failure.. When facing a steep upgrade you should start accelerating early if possible. Again, you may have to downshift and keep increasing your gas pedal to compensate forrepparttar 142288 drag on you going uphill. As you reachrepparttar 142289 crest ofrepparttar 142290 grade start backing offrepparttar 142291 pedal. A steep grade will test your tow vehicles limits.

Once you have reached your destination you have to find a place to park your "rig". It's best to avoid parking on a grade. The more levelrepparttar 142292 parking arearepparttar 142293 better. If you have to park on a grade, it is best to chockrepparttar 142294 wheels. Hopefully, you have some with you. If you have someone to help, have them guide you intorepparttar 142295 spot. You can't always rely onrepparttar 142296 mirrors asrepparttar 142297 trailer may block your view. Once stopped, keep your foot onrepparttar 142298 brake, turn your wheels towardrepparttar 142299 curb (pointed in on a down hill, out on an uphill), applyrepparttar 142300 parking brake and then shift into park, or with a manual, your lowest gear. This method helps avoid locking your transmission due torepparttar 142301 extra load.

If you are on even a small grade and you plan to unhitch your trailer, you must apply chocks torepparttar 142302 trailers wheels to avoidrepparttar 142303 trailer from rolling away when uncoupled. Just havingrepparttar 142304 lift down will not make it stable. Jack stands also come in handy to level your load.I hope this article has provided you with useful information but it is not intended to berepparttar 142305 " be all and end all" of trailering safety. Read everything you can and talk to other more experienced trailer owners for tips on do's and don'ts. Contact your state governments transportation department and familiarize yourself with laws, regulations and even local ordinances regarding trailers and towing.

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Support Group for Performance Challenged Engines

Written by Dee Scrip

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As your engine becomes more irritable, it develops an easily identifiable repugnant smell, while it increasingly spews intorepparttar environment hemophiliac emissions known as toxic exhaust fumes.

Before your engine needs a fuel tracheotomy or becomes suicidal, promptly seek emotional support.

The Fuel Doctor is a compassionate friend, always available for consultation.

Askrepparttar 142273 Fuel Doctor to prescribe a nutritious pill to pop in your tank before each feeding – a pill that will immediately place your beloved engine onrepparttar 142274 road to recovery and prevent future performance-challenged behavior.

Experience your engine’s vitality spring back to life. Watch how your engine performs better with increased miles per gallon, even on less octane requirements. Encounterrepparttar 142275 thrill of a healthier aroma with drastically reduced emissions.

Why not give your enginerepparttar 142276 emotional reinforcement it needs? Joinrepparttar 142277 support group for performance-challenged engines right now and share your own success story.

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