Tough Time Deciding on a Name for Your Baby?

Written by Steven Preg

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But then yet another ultrasound revealed thatrepparttar little girl they had come to know and love was actually a little boy!

The baby was scheduled to make HIS delivery intorepparttar 149053 world in relatively short time. The parents frantically went back torepparttar 149054 tireless task of finding a boy’s name they could both agree upon.

One nightrepparttar 149055 husband announced that he likedrepparttar 149056 name Jack for his son! (This is a true story ladies … can you even imagine how you’d feel if your husband announced this grand revelation?)

Torepparttar 149057 wife’s dismay she reminded her husband that he wasrepparttar 149058 one who did not like that name; in fact went as far as to declare he would NOT have a son named Jack. She then jogged his memory that they had a cat named Jack. Jackrepparttar 149059 cat even responded to his name.

You may have guessedrepparttar 149060 rest ofrepparttar 149061 story. The cat now has a new name. It is rather original. The feline is now known as Kitty Cat (K.C. for short). And they have a beautiful son named Jack.

What’srepparttar 149062 moral ofrepparttar 149063 story? If you are having a hard time coming up with a perfect name, you just might tryrepparttar 149064 name you’ve given torepparttar 149065 family pet!

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The Face of a Child

Written by Jacqueline Ennis

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In 1993, Amber Hagerman of Arlington, Texas, at just 9 years old, was kidnapped and murdered. She was simply doing what millions of kids do everyday... riding her bicycle.

Code Amber became effective "In April, 2003, President Bush signedrepparttar Amber Alert legislation making it a national program. Whilerepparttar 148942 Amber Alert system is now mandated acrossrepparttar 148943 country, some states are still trying to implementrepparttar 148944 procedures necessary in bringingrepparttar 148945 alerts torepparttar 148946 public."

I urge you to contact your local and state officials to confirm that your state is in compliance with this much needed requirement!

If they aren't, I also ask that you RESPECTFULLY demand that they do so IMMEDIATELY, not only for YOUR child's sake, but forrepparttar 148947 safety of children across America and Canada.

To placerepparttar 148948 Amber Alert Ticker on your website go to:

A monetary donation can also be made to help advancerepparttar 148949 Amber Alert System. Clickrepparttar 148950 donation button onrepparttar 148951 website.

In memory Brenda Groene, 40, Mark McKenzie, 37, Shasta*s brothers, Slade Groene 13, and Dylan Groene 9 who was later found murdered as well.

My condolences goes out to Shasta The Family of Brenda Groene. The Family of Mark McKenzie To Shasta*s Father Steve Groene. Shasta's Maternal Family Members "She's a real strong little girl," her grandmother, Darlene Marie Torres declares.

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