Tough Guys Talking Plush Dog Toys

Written by Shannon Weidemann

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We have now had this toy for over a week and she loves to play tug of war with it, tossing it inrepparttar air and just laying down to chew on it. Billyrepparttar 145899 Duck has held up really well and is not missing any of his parts or fluff. This would be a great toy for any dog that loves to hear their toys talk.

You can findrepparttar 145900 Alpha Pets online catalog at They sell items for dogs, cats and people too.

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Feeding Your Pet Stingray - The Essentials of Maintaining a Varied Diet

Written by Brendon Turner

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Occasionally, a well-acclimated specimen will fail to gain weight, even though you are offering enough food. Several things may cause this problem;repparttar most likely possibility is that it is not competing efficiently for food against other fish inrepparttar 145707 aquarium, or it may have a parasitic infestation. Stingrays occasionally do not seem to learn where foods can be found during feeding times, and are always inrepparttar 145708 wrong part ofrepparttar 145709 tank during those times. In these cases, it is helpful to hand-feed such specimens. By this I do not mean feeding with your hands. Although some aquarists do this with stingrays, I do not recommend it because ofrepparttar 145710 possibility of being accidentally stung. Remember that stingrays are wild animals, and no matter how accustomed your specimens become to your presence, it is impossible to always accurately predict their response to humans. Instead, you should always performrepparttar 145711 hand-feeding of specimens with long forceps or a similar instrument. Stingrays generally avoid metal objects and appear to be frightened by metal; however, because they can sense metal, they will quickly learn that when there is a metal object inrepparttar 145712 aquarium, food is being offered. In this way, you can teach your stingray to feed directly from forceps, and selectively feed it more food.

Simply hold a night crawler (or a piece of night crawler) inrepparttar 145713 forceps, and holdrepparttar 145714 worm inrepparttar 145715 aquarium so thatrepparttar 145716 ray can touch it with its fin. It should eatrepparttar 145717 worm immediately. After a few feedings in this manner, allowrepparttar 145718 forceps to touchrepparttar 145719 ray while it is eatingrepparttar 145720 worm. It will quickly learn to associaterepparttar 145721 forceps with feeding and soon you will find thatrepparttar 145722 ray will pounce onrepparttar 145723 forceps as soon as it touches it, eagerly looking for a treat!

How Much and How Often

The key to having well-fed stingrays in your aquarium is providing plenty of food. Unlike most fish that swim quietly between feedings, stingrays search constantly for food, looking under and around tank ornaments, moving driftwood, rocks, filters, and even other fish! This high activity level translates to a high metabolic rate, which means that while searching for food rays continue to burn energy. If they use up energy looking for food, but do not find any, they will lose weight. To compensate for this loss of energy, it is essential to provide adequate food. I cannot stress this enough. Hobbyists sometimes tell me that they feed their rays three times weekly, thinking that this is adequate. Stingrays should be fed at least twice, and usually three times, daily. In spite of these frequent feedings, rays will still constantly look for food between feedings!

When feeding significant quantities of live feeder goldfish, it is wise to add vitamin B1 torepparttar 145724 feeder supply. Goldfish containrepparttar 145725 enzyme thiaminase, which destroys thiamin, or vitamin B1, and this vitamin must be replenished. It should be your practice to add one 50-mg tablet to each 500 gallons (1893 L) of water every two weeks. You can addrepparttar 145726 tablets directly torepparttar 145727 sump ofrepparttar 145728 wet-dry filter; or as an alternative,repparttar 145729 tablets can be added directly torepparttar 145730 tank.

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