Top posities brengen niet altijd meer sales en ROI

Written by John Bertrand - JNB Web Promotion

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Een globale term om uw omschrijving met speciale technieken hoger te laten scoren in de zoekmachines. Een goed voorbeeld van SEO is de juiste wijze van het aanvullen van trefwoorden op speciale locaties op uw web pagina. Dus, de juiste manier van zoekmachine optimalisatie zal duidelijk veel verkeer en verkoop behalen indien u het goed doet. SEO wordt steeds meer belanrijker en dus kan men er haast niet meer om heen. Een zoekmachine optimaliatie specialist weet normaal precies hoe en waar hij de juiste en relevante trefwoorden moet plaatsen. Er is reeds een flink aantal software dat de posities van uw web site direct doet opvragen, dat beperkt flink wat tijd.

Voorzichtig opzetten, bewoording, en de juiste analysis van trefwoorden in de teksten voor een optimaal zoekmachine optimalisatie positie is allemaal belangrijk om de basis van top 10 posities te behalen met de juiste internet marketing strategy.

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Keyword Research - The Lifeblood of your Website!

Written by Nicky Nelson

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These results are taken from a database of searched carried out overrepparttar last 60 days within all ofrepparttar 127870 major search engines, directories and Pay Per Click directories.

This list should highlight some keyword phrases that are being searched for, but that are not being overly competed for, these arerepparttar 127871 keyword phrases that you should be looking for.

Now some more in-depth research can be carried out which will tellrepparttar 127872 consultant, out of those pages said to be competing for a given keyword phrase, how many of them are actively competing rather than incidentally.

Step 3 – Final Draft

Now it is time to go back torepparttar 127873 client withrepparttar 127874 detailed list of actual search phrases used, and decide which of those are relevant torepparttar 127875 type of visitor you want to attract to your website.

Step 4 – Focus your content

Armed with this final list,repparttar 127876 content can now be written using relevant, searched for keyword phrases.


Getting it wrong

You can haverepparttar 127877 most professional website inrepparttar 127878 world, withrepparttar 127879 most user friendly interface, but if you are targetingrepparttar 127880 wrong keywords then you are targetingrepparttar 127881 wrong people. Therefore, your objective (to get more business, sell more products etc) cannot be met. All of your hard work will have been in vain as it will fall upon deaf ears (so to speak).

Getting it right

However, targetrepparttar 127882 right keyword phrases will attract in exactly those people that are looking for precisely what you are offering. Of course, when they find you, you will need to make sure you have also fulfilledrepparttar 127883 rest ofrepparttar 127884 criteria of professional design and user-friendly interface!


As with all marketing campaigns, you need to know your target audience, know what they want and then meet their demands. The internet offersrepparttar 127885 opportunity for you to get up to date marketing research data that means you can effectively achieve this quickly and cost-effectively. So makerepparttar 127886 most of it.

©Crystal Clear Internet Marketing Consultants Written by Nicky Nelson July 2004

Nicky Nelson is the proprietor of Crystal Clear a web site marketing & consulting company based in North Wales, UK. Having spent a number of years in Sales & Marketing, her area of expertise has naturally progressed to the Web. Crystal Clear offer a range of services to enable businesses to generate better results from their web site and digital marketing.

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