Top Ten Ways To Stay Sane As A Work At Home Mom

Written by Nicole Dean

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8. Stay Healthy - Dust off your rollerblades, strap a pillow across your bottom and hitrepparttar pavement. Or surprise your children andrepparttar 139979 dog with a nice long walk.

7. Organize, organize, organize! If you're spending hours each week sorting through piles of paper, looking for receipts or "to do" lists, that is wasted time and unnecessary frustration. Sweeprepparttar 139980 Magic 8 ball,repparttar 139981 empty jar of peanuts,repparttar 139982 Slinky, andrepparttar 139983 Snickers wrapper off your desk right now. You can do it!

6. Save Money - As Benjamin Franklin wrote in Poor Richard's Almanac "A penny saved is a penny earned." Work at home moms know how hard it can be to earn a penny. So, do everything you can to save those hard-earned cents.

5. Time Management - Don't let Time Stealers make you work any longer than you need to. When you're sitting in front of your computer or talking onrepparttar 139984 phone, that is time away from your children. Always remember your "why". WHY are you working from home? Ifrepparttar 139985 reason is to spend more time with your kids, then figure out how to make that happen!

4. Learn and Learn some More! - Find a mentor or someone who you likerepparttar 139986 way they handle their business. Network with other moms who are successful, take online classes, or hire a coach. Invest in yourself and you'll invest in your business.

3. Play with your Kids - Whether you sit down to play a board game, or drive Hot Wheels aroundrepparttar 139987 carpet, there's always fun to be had. If you need some ideas, check out

2. Keep your sense of humor. Laugh every day! Turn off your computer, put in your copy of The Village People "YMCA" (I know you have one) and Dance! Dance! Dance!

andrepparttar 139988 number one way to stay sane as a Work at Home Mom .....

1. Always remember "The days are long, butrepparttar 139989 years are short." Although it oftentimes feels likerepparttar 139990 days drag by as a work at home mom, remember thatrepparttar 139991 years are flying by. It's that reminder that keeps me grounded on days whenrepparttar 139992 projects are heavy andrepparttar 139993 beach is calling.

If you're looking for me, you can find me atrepparttar 139994 beach!

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Obesity And Pregnancy

Written by Beverley Brooke

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Women who are obese and give birth are also more at risk for maternal mortality during labor and delivery. The cesarean rates are often higher because labor fails to progress in a timely fashion.

Did you know that gaining more thanrepparttar recommended amount of weight during pregnancy also puts you at risk for being overweight several years after pregnancy?

Babies born to mothers that are overweight might also experience a number of health problems. Those most often cited by studies include an increased risk of congenital heart defects and a greater risk of neural tube defects.

The best thing you can do for yourself andrepparttar 139900 health of your unborn child is maintain a healthy weight prior to becoming pregnant. If you are overweight, work with your healthcare provider or a nutritionist to come up with a sound dietary regimen that will ensure that you gain an appropriate amount of weight for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Adopting healthy habits during your pregnancy often results in a ‘carry over’ effect, meaning you are more likely to eat healthily after giving birth as well as before.

Article by Beverley Brooke Visit for more on pregnancy exercise, obesity and pregnancy and ensuring a healthy pregnancy and weight loss after pregnancy

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