Top Ten Tips for Transitions without Trauma

Written by Jean R. Charles

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7.Soothe your soul. Practice extreme self-care during transitional times. Take time for stress relieving practices, relaxation techniques and good healthful living practices. If you have a wellness routine, stick to it! Donít userepparttar upset in part of your life as an excuse to abandon your routine. If you donít practice extreme self-care, it is a good time to start. You will be better able to cope withrepparttar 131409 stress of change. 8.Connect with your spiritual side. Call upon whatever force you identify as a higher power inrepparttar 131410 universe. Use prayer, meditation, reflection on spiritual literature, or whatever works for you. As you make your intentions known torepparttar 131411 universe, it will set itself in motion toward what you want. 9.Know thatrepparttar 131412 outcome will berepparttar 131413 right one. Have faith that even if you donít understand it, life is a process that moves for our own good. The universe gives you what you are ready for and teachesrepparttar 131414 lessons you need to learn. Think about times when things did not work out as you would have liked, and you benefited greatly fromrepparttar 131415 eventual outcome. Remember that lifeís path is not straight, and we get where we need to go. 10. Give up trying to control every aspect ofrepparttar 131416 outcome. Be comfortable not knowing exactly whatrepparttar 131417 outcome will be. Realize that we never really know what will occur even inrepparttar 131418 next moment. Takerepparttar 131419 actions that move you toward your intended outcome and know that you will handle whatever outcome materializes.

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Awakening Yourself to Abundance

Written by Francoise Rapp

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The more you holdrepparttar vision and raise your consciousness,repparttar 131408 more you open yourself to receive and manifest abundance.

******** Love Abundance ******** -2 drops Rose otto -2 drops Jasmine otto -5 drops Sandalwood

Affirmation: "The divine presence within fulfills me with love. Love is present in allrepparttar 131409 steps of my life."

******** Financial Abundance ******** -4 drops Basil -3 drops Peppermint -3 drops Patchouli

Affirmation: "As a divine being, I welcomerepparttar 131410 gifts of money and financial prosperity that come naturally to me. I live in a constant flow of financial abundance."

******** Joy & Happiness ******** -5 drops Orange -3 drops Lemon -4 drops Grapefruit

Affirmation: "I am joy and all areas of my life are a reflection of pure happiness and growth."

******** Health Abundance ******** -3 drops Lavender -4 drops Sage -3 drops Ravensara

Affirmation: "My spirit enjoys all its gifts and I embody them. Health is a reflection of my inner emotions. I decide now to live joyfully and gracefully."

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Internationally renowned aromatherapist and alchemist FranÁoise Rapp shares her expertise each week in her free ezine, the Arom'Alchemy Newsletter. To subscribe, visit

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