Top Ten Tips About People Management

Written by Martin Haworth

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  • Develop Others

    Graspingrepparttar opportunities,repparttar 145452 best managers quickly link them to those who can make progress in their own development - and in line with ongoing Succession Planning, prepare forrepparttar 145453 future well in advance.

  • Are Accountable

    They are very clear that they are 'whererepparttar 145454 buck stops'. No blame elsewhere, not upwards deflection of decisions; no 'someone else's fault'. They are whererepparttar 145455 action is and they accept it. It's down to them.

  • Set Standards

    To ensure that everyone is clear, great managers have simple and clear standards throughout their area of operation - ideally created in collaboration with their people.

  • Are Determined

    Focusing entirely on value-creation, they stick to plans, policies and change programmes like glue. They have a skill to know and deliver what is right, without veering from their Vision.

  • Can Be Trusted

    The best managers are ethically sound, fair and honest. They make promises only when they know they can deliver. Everyone is treated equally and their own behaviour models fairness and transparency. Simple steps, using them can make 90% of your management very, very effective. Checkoutrepparttar 145456 website for key information in 40 different people skills to develop your management skills fast!

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  • Transfer Huge Files Online Fast And Free

    Written by Jim Edwards

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    The site appears to make its money from advertising revenue generated by popup ads and Google AdSense (where they earn a commission every time someone clicks a link).

    Third, like did when first starting out, encourages message recipients to turn around and userepparttar service to send files to their friends.

    This "viral marketing" effect should help them spreadrepparttar 145422 word quickly without a huge marketing budget.

    ** ** also enables users to send large files, though they restrict file sizes to 100 MB.

    However, offers one extra feature lacking in YouSendIt: delivery confirmation.

    Dropload enables you to know whenrepparttar 145423 person you sentrepparttar 145424 file to actually clicksrepparttar 145425 link to downloadrepparttar 145426 file.

    This cuts down onrepparttar 145427 "I never gotrepparttar 145428 file" claims and acts likerepparttar 145429 Post Office making them sign for registered mail.

    You can't prove they read it, but you can prove they received it. does require you to register for a username and password, butrepparttar 145430 service is free.

    Overall, both services do an excellent job of solving a growing problem for a huge audience worldwide.

    Also, if you sell information products customers download fromrepparttar 145431 Internet,repparttar 145432 link expiration and confirmation features can come in handy (such as giving out free samples or preview copies to potential joint venture partners).

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