Top Ten Reasons to get Satellite Radio

Written by Reno Charlton

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Impressive features: With satellite radio you can enjoy a range of impressive features and additional benefits that will make listening torepparttar radio allrepparttar 133393 more enjoyable, and will offer even more choice. You can get parental block controls in order to allow parents to stop their kids from listening to explicit programming. You can also enjoy receiving music track information with digital radio, so you can instantly find out details about which artist or song is playing. This information is actually displayed via satellite transmission onrepparttar 133394 actual controller.

Unique programming: With satellite radio you can enjoy access to programming that is not available on regular AM/FM radio. For example, due torepparttar 133395 lack of FCC regulations you can access racier or more controversial content, which on AM/FM radio may be prohibited. The child control features ensure that this content is only accessed byrepparttar 133396 person in control ofrepparttar 133397 satellite radio and not byrepparttar 133398 kids or any other unauthorized listener. Satellite radio also offers some exclusive interviews with celebrities, so you could find yourself listening to an exclusive in-studio interview with your favorite star.

Perfect for driving: One pet peeve with many drivers is that when they are listening torepparttar 133399 radio,repparttar 133400 signal fades intermittently as they drive to and from different areas. This means that whether you are listening to your favorite show or your favorite music, you can loserepparttar 133401 signal. You then have to spend time looking for an alternative channel – which can be difficult and even dangerous when you are driving. With satellite radio, you can enjoy uninterrupted, crystal clear sound without loss of signal and withoutrepparttar 133402 need to keep changing channels.

Satellite radio:repparttar 133403 affordable choice ofrepparttar 133404 next generation

Just asrepparttar 133405 kids of today don’t remember life without CD players and satellite television,repparttar 133406 new generation will become totally accustomed to satellite radio, which is already becoming more and more popular. Again, just likerepparttar 133407 local and terrestrial channels on television, you will still be able to enjoy AM/FM radio inrepparttar 133408 future, but as time goes on more and more households and drivers will be enjoyingrepparttar 133409 benefits of satellite.

Whether you enjoy listening torepparttar 133410 radio inrepparttar 133411 house or whether you like to have on some funky tunes as you drive, you will enjoyrepparttar 133412 ultimate in radio entertainment with satellite radio. You can enjoy all sorts of entertainment, from news and sports to music and talk radio. Just like regular radio, you can ring in and enter competitions or simply to express opinions. Andrepparttar 133413 super quality available with satellite radio will ensure that you get to enjoy your favorite music and shows with minimal disruption and high definition sound.

The choice of subscription packages available fromrepparttar 133414 two main satellite radio providers also makes it easy and affordable to enjoy satellite radio. Whether you want to pay on a monthly basis or whether you want to subscribe for one year or more, you can enjoy low prices. You can even subscribe for a lifetime with Sirius, andrepparttar 133415 longer you subscribe forrepparttar 133416 cheaper your subscription works out. So, high quality radio entertainment could cost even less than you imagine.

If you have had satellite or cable television in your home for a while,repparttar 133417 chances are that you can barely remember what television entertainment was like before you had satellite or cable. You probably can’t imagine television entertainment withoutrepparttar 133418 choice and quality that you now have. Well,repparttar 133419 same can be said of satellite radio. In a few years, many households and drivers will have forgotten what radio entertainment was like beforerepparttar 133420 crystal clear quality and excellent choice of satellite radio came along.

Reno Charlton is an experienced freelance copywriter and an award-winning children’s author from the United Kingdom. You can read more of her informative articles on satellite radio at

Satellite Radio & Shock Jocks: Shock Jocks: Howard Stern – Bad Boy of the Airwaves

Written by Reno Charlton

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As a result ofrepparttar this type of show’s offensive practices there have been enormous fines as well as even more dire consequences torepparttar 133392 personalities known as “Shock Jocks” Thoughrepparttar 133393 fines to these areas of broadcasting mounted up overrepparttar 133394 years inrepparttar 133395 most partrepparttar 133396 it was tolerated until era ofrepparttar 133397 Janet Jackson scandal. With this broadcast scandal - tolerance went outrepparttar 133398 window and in came fierce regulation ofrepparttar 133399 broadcast world.

Shock Jocks Turn To Satellite Radio

Like satellite television, Satellite radio is not marketed to any one demographic more than any other. The concept behind satellite radio is very basic. Satellite audio's model is a basic copy of Satellite television. XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Radio both have looked at DirecTV's success and set out to attractrepparttar 133400 same market to its product.

Inrepparttar 133401 United States, two companies have monopolized satellite radio: XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. XM has a 100,000 Sq. Ft. broadcasting facility in Washington DC as well as some satellite offices in New York. Sirius broadcasts out of New York City. They both require a person to buy equipment ranging from $200 to $500 in order to receiverepparttar 133402 signal, and they both have similar methods for dealing with spots not conducive to satellite coverage.

Originally some XM music channels had commercials, while Sirius was commercial-free. Since February 2004 XM has 68 Commercial-Free Music Channels, 33 Channels of News, Sports, Talk & Entertainment, 21 dedicated Channels of XM Instant Traffic & Weather. Sirius has 65 music-only channels as well as traffic and weather reports for major cities. XM operates on 2 geostationary satellites while Sirius uses 3 geosynchronous satellites. Both services are available mainly via portable receivers in automobiles, but both have many accessories so you can listen at home through your stereo, with a portable boombox, or online through your computer. Local repeaters, onrepparttar 133403 same satellite frequencies, allow XM and Sirius's signals to be available even ifrepparttar 133404 view ofrepparttar 133405 satellite is blocked. As of June 30, 2004, XM claimed 2.1 million subscribers, and Sirius claimed 400,000.

Car manufacturers have been installing satellite radio receivers in some models for a few years now, and several models of portable satellite radio receivers are available from a variety of electronics companies

Howard Stern heads for Satellite Radio

On October 6, 2004, Stern announced on his show that he has signed a five year, $500 million deal withrepparttar 133406 satellite radio service Sirius. The deal, which takes effect on January 1, 2006, would enable Stern to broadcast his show without restrictions imposed byrepparttar 133407 FCC. The deal would permit Howard Stern to program two additional Sirius channels, one of which would be available at an extra charge to subscribers.

Opie and Anthony

Opie and Anthony are hosts ofrepparttar 133408 satellite radio program 'The Opie and Anthony Show.' The show is based in New York City and airs on XM Satellite Radio. The show was previously on WNEW-FM in New York and WAAF-FM in Boston. Opie and Anthony's crude style of entertainment has earned themrepparttar 133409 status ofrepparttar 133410 elite of "shock jocks" The pair signed a contract with XM on August 5, 2004 and started broadcasting October 4th ofrepparttar 133411 same year. They had remained off-the-air for about two years as Infinity Broadcasting, their previous employer, held them to their contract as well as their no-compete clause. On XM satellite radio, O&A are no longer bound by FCC regulations regarding language and content, thus curses and pollitically incorrect humor are common on their show.

There is some concern that withrepparttar 133412 initialization of satellite radio that mainstream media will begin to be monoplized by a few companies and many radio stations go offrepparttar 133413 air. Though it is important to safe guardrepparttar 133414 media from monopolization ofrepparttar 133415 few,repparttar 133416 future ofrepparttar 133417 airwaves are inrepparttar 133418 heavens with satellite radio.

Reno Charlton is an experienced freelance copywriter and an award-winning children’s author from the United Kingdom. You can read more of her informative articles on satellite radio at

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