Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Personal Coach

Written by Kim Olver

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8. A coach can show you how to accomplish more by working less. Coaches are adept at teaching time-tested systems for being more productive. Did you know that research shows thatrepparttar average 8-hour-a-day worker is only productive for 1-2 hours a day? A coach can help you be more productive in less time. 9. A coach can help you discover your true passion. Do you ever wonder about your unique abilities and what your life purpose is? If these are not questions that you even think about, then you really DO need a coach! We all have unique abilities and a purpose but some of us never discover them andrepparttar 137832 rest of us who do are too afraid to just go for it! A coach can help you uncover your passion---the thing that will make you excited to get out of bed inrepparttar 137833 morning. 10. A coach can help you identify your core values and show you how to live in synergy with them. The values by which we live our lives are very important to each of us. Many times, certain values we hold may be in conflict with each other. Sometimes, we are not even consciously aware ofrepparttar 137834 values of importance to us. A coach can help us to live our lives in accordance with our values. This will providerepparttar 137835 kind of life of which you can be proud. This is not a plea for you to hire me, necessarily, although I would be willing to discuss that possibility. What I am suggesting is that you will be able to do more than you could ever have imagined with a coach than without one. I know. After I left my 9 to 5 job to begin my coaching career, I floundered around for six months. I knew I wanted to hire a coach, but I thought I couldn't really afford one and I didn't want to hire just anybody. I thought there needed to be a good match between us. I now am employing two coaches---one to help me build my business andrepparttar 137836 other to help me write my book. Since hiring them, I am on a path creating more momentum as I go. In hindsight, I realize I couldn't afford not to hire a coach. Regardingrepparttar 137837 right match, I do believe that this is important which is why I'm saying this is not an appeal for you to hire me. If you are serious about taking your life torepparttar 137838 next level, then findrepparttar 137839 coach who is right for you. But don't delay. Once this day is gone, you cannot get it back. If you'd like further information about coaching, visit and check our calendar for upcoming teleclasses, chats and workshops or call me at (708) 957-6047.

Kim Olver is a licensed professional counselor in two states. She helps others make positive changes and triumph through difficult periods of their lives. She has maintained a private counseling practice and in 2004, decided to move into the field of coaching, where there are a greater number of individuals more highly motivated to make the changes they seek.

Think About It

Written by Daniel Nzenwata

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I have learned that there is no such thing as something for nothing. When a person receives something from another person, there is a responsibility onrepparttar part ofrepparttar 137650 person who has received to say thank you torepparttar 137651 person who has given,this is human to human. We cannot therefore desire for something for nothing fromrepparttar 137652 Creator. There are ways through which we can give back to Him something for everything. One particular way isrepparttar 137653 expression of thanks to him.

We must adopt and applyrepparttar 137654 above mentioned way as a way of giving back to Him something forrepparttar 137655 most things He has giving to us. The adoption andrepparttar 137656 application of saying thank you to Him gives birth torepparttar 137657 possession of a master key, a marvelous device which we can use to unlockrepparttar 137658 door torepparttar 137659 solutions of not only our existing problems, but alsorepparttar 137660 ones that had bedeviled us and have defied solutions inrepparttar 137661 past.

The attitude of expressing our thanks torepparttar 137662 Creator is like courage inrepparttar 137663 face of adversity. It serves asrepparttar 137664 “External Elixir” of assurance.It also kindles anewrepparttar 137665 silent hope of those who possess it because it reveals to themrepparttar 137666 formula by which they can “Tune In” and draw uponrepparttar 137667 Creator’s household of abundant riches. It is precisely because of our expression of thanks torepparttar 137668 Creator that we may look forward torepparttar 137669 existence of a river inrepparttar 137670 desert.

Often, when we fail to express our thanks torepparttar 137671 Creator for receiving from him, we make it impossible for us to establish a connecting link between His basket of great universal reservoir of riches and us. An attitude of thanksgiving is a message we can translate into physical equivalents of our desires.

The expression of thanks torepparttar 137672 Creator moves Him to order His words to kindle and strengthen our hearts thus: buoying our failing confidence.

All riches of whatever nature begins as a state of mind for every human, we must be ready and willing to show gratitude forrepparttar 137673 other riches we have received fromrepparttar 137674 Creator. The act of doing this consist of many things amongst, sincerity of purpose and humility of heart on our part.

When we give thanks torepparttar 137675 Creator with this attributes for receiving certain riches from Him, other riches that we desire are sure to appear. They may not appear when, where and how we want them, but they will certainly do becauserepparttar 137676 application of our attitude of thanksgiving will give power and action to those riches that we desire.

Do you know that it isrepparttar 137677 expression of thanks torepparttar 137678 Creator of all things that makesrepparttar 137679 Lion to roar withoutrepparttar 137680 presence of a prey?. It is amazing, so wonderful to give thanks torepparttar 137681 Creator not only forrepparttar 137682 riches bestowed upon us, but also forrepparttar 137683 one’s that He would bestow upon us at His appointed time.

Join Me as I say, Dear God, today has been a beautiful one, You have provided Me with health of body and mind. You have given Me food and clothing. I am grateful to You forrepparttar 137684 fulfillment of today’s desires andrepparttar 137685 promise of fulfillment of tomorrows aims. I thank You for a day of opportunity to be of service to others. For these blessings and other blessings that are yet to come, I am very grateful. And I say thank You Lord. Amen.

Daniel is a script writer. He is presently writing his first novel.

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