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Keeping the Interviewer’s Attention

Written by Susan Dunn, MA, Emotional Intelligence Coach

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Any personal question will work as well, because it will pull them out of their “routine” stance. They have a plan and are moving ahead on it. If you bring up something out ofrepparttar ordinary, you will get their full attention.

If you’ve ever dropped your briefcase during an interview and hadrepparttar 125467 contents fall torepparttar 125468 floor, you know aboutrepparttar 125469 element of surprise.

However, you need to find a way to do this that doesn’t make you look bad, and doesn’t totally changerepparttar 125470 focus. You need to work something unusual intorepparttar 125471 regular train of thought.

When you enterrepparttar 125472 interview room, be alert to your surroundings so you can find some cues. You’ll see credentials onrepparttar 125473 walls, photographs, knick knacks and other personal items aboutrepparttar 125474 interviewer andrepparttar 125475 company.

Look for things you can later work intorepparttar 125476 conversation. This shows a high level of EQ. In fact it takes a high level of EQ, and interviewers these days are just as concerned about what they call “soft skills,” as with your credentials, academic training, and experience. FOR EXAMPLE

Let’s say you’re interviewing for a position as HR professional. When you enterrepparttar 125477 interviewer’s office, you notice her credentials onrepparttar 125478 wall: College degree from Connecticut, specialty credential fromrepparttar 125479 UK, master’s degree from Louisiana, photo of her in front ofrepparttar 125480 Great Wall of China. As you get intorepparttar 125481 interview, and start talking about your skills at multicultural management, you can mention, “As I’m sure you know, having studied in various places, someone from an Eastern culture such as China expects … while someone from Louisiana expects … while someone fromrepparttar 125482 UK will do …”

This will bringrepparttar 125483 interviewer to full alert. Anything personal gets our attention. We like to be noticed as an individual; that you can always count on.

You could also askrepparttar 125484 interviewer a question. “I’ve found that … but, I was wondering, when you were in China did you find thatrepparttar 125485 Chinese …?” Point torepparttar 125486 pertinent photo as you speak; you don’t want to appear inscrutable. Yes, you could ask her aboutrepparttar 125487 photo of her andrepparttar 125488 governor of your state, but it’s more subtle, and shows higher EQ if you find a way to work it appropriately intorepparttar 125489 conversation. It’s smoother; less contrived.


If you don’t get, and sustain,repparttar 125490 interviewer’s attention, it won’t matter what you say. You won’t be heard. You won’t be remembered. The point is to stand out, but to stand out in a positive way. It’s easy to get so focused on yourself, andrepparttar 125491 stress you’re under, you forget to look at it fromrepparttar 125492 most important person’s point of view –repparttar 125493 interviewer.

Keep your EQ about you. Be aware ofrepparttar 125494 state ofrepparttar 125495 interviewer at every step, and make sure you bring them along with you. You want to be paying attention to HOW you’re doing, not WHAT you’re doing.

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