Top Five Reasons to Cultivate Your Creativity

Written by Lael Johnson

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REASON FOUR: Creativity stretches your comfort zone. Practicing a creative skill, takes time, concentrated effort and consistent work. I know that I feel angry as I progress throughrepparttar first phrase ofrepparttar 143243 creativity process. I struggle to admit that I need to practice, that I donít know everything, that I donít need help and that† in spite of these thoughts, I can still make progress using my skills.† I am not comfortable when I fail to meet my expectations. When I complete one creative project. I know that Iíve done a good job.† My next challenge is to patiently repeatrepparttar 143244 first phase of mechanical† learning for as long as it takes, to complete my next job. My reward is to become more comfortable using my creative skills ,over and over again.

REASON FIVE:† Creativty† is fun. I love looking at numerous possibilities. Itís wonderful to be able to freely interpret and produce a creative product. †

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You are the master of your destiny

Written by C.Krishnan

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Naturally your dream house will be transformed into as a picture in your mind. Your sub-conscious mind will direct you to convert that dream house into a real house. It will create circumstances and opportunities for you to convert that dream house into a real house out of your own resources.

One single thought leads to many thoughts. If you want to be rich you should constantly think of having huge money. That one thought leads to many thoughts like huge bank balance, having beautiful house, variety of cars, beautiful ornaments, all modern amenities, huge play ground, beautiful swimming pool in your house, and still many more thoughts.

Such a positive single thought is having a power to create so many positive thoughts.

Similarly it is not wonder that one single negative thought will also create so many negative thoughts.

So negative thoughts are also having equal power like positive thoughts power.

You cannot underestimaterepparttar power of negative thoughts.

Always think good, think positively. Never let your mind to think negatively and practice to think positively, then every thing will happen in favor of you.

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