Top Five Online Scams

Written by Gary Gresham

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So what'srepparttar best thing to do when you or someone you know has fallen for one of these scams? Some people are embarrassed and don't want to tell anyone. But that's how these thieves get away with these things for so long without getting caught. The best way to stop these con artists from operating is to report email scams torepparttar 137865 authorities. The best place to report email scams is The Internet Fraud Complaint Center or (IFCC). They are a partnership betweenrepparttar 137866 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) andrepparttar 137867 National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). Their web address is: IFCC's mission is to address fraud committed overrepparttar 137868 Internet. For victims of Internet fraud, IFCC provides a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of a suspected criminal or civil violation. By becoming aware of these top five online scams and reporting email scams torepparttar 137869 IFCC you can makerepparttar 137870 Internet safer for everyone.

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Types of computer infections

Written by Ryan Fyfe

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Trojan Horses A Trojan horse is a computer programs that claims to be one thing, but is actually another. For example you might receive a Trojan horse that is disguised as an image, but when you go to openrepparttar file, it will do whatever it is that it was written to do.

E-mail Viruses Email Viruses are very common. They work by spreading themselves through email messages. Once they infect a computer, they will then go ahead and replicate themselves by automatically mailing out again to everyone inrepparttar 137780 victimís e-mail address book. Several of these virusís have raced throughrepparttar 137781 internet. Examples of email virusís arerepparttar 137782 Melissa Virus, andrepparttar 137783 ILOVEYOU virus.


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