Top 7 tips for reducing spam

Written by Patrick Silva

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4) Have an 'All Purpose' email address like a Yahoo or a Hotmail email address to post in forums, chat rooms etc. The email you receive to these addresses are web-based. You can read your Yahoo or Hotmail email messages on your Yahoo or Hotmail account on their web site without downloading them into your computer. You can delete all repparttar spam right from those web sites.

5) If you have your own web site and have to give out your email address for people to contact you, you can 'cloak' your email address by substitutingrepparttar 109520 HTML code forrepparttar 109521 '@' symbol. This way,repparttar 109522 email harvesting robots will not be able to extract your email address from your web site.

When you cloak your email address, you can include an active email link such as 'Contact me' or 'Email me.' When your contact clicks onrepparttar 109523 active email link, her email program will open with your email address inrepparttar 109524 'To' box.

6) Never ever buy anything from a spam email. The information you give out to a spammer could be used for illegal purposes. You could probably end up being a victim of identity theft.

7) Black List every spammers email addresses.

To do this, you have to findrepparttar 109525 email address ofrepparttar 109526 spammer. Most spammers do not give their email addresses inrepparttar 109527 'From' box ofrepparttar 109528 email or they give a phoney one. To find out his real email address, clickrepparttar 109529 'File' button on your email program. Then, when a window opens, click on 'Properties.' This will open a window with two tabs - General and Detail.

The 'General' tab will show yourepparttar 109530 message source and displayrepparttar 109531 email address ofrepparttar 109532 sender. Butrepparttar 109533 'Detail' tab will give you more details like IP address andrepparttar 109534 email address ofrepparttar 109535 sender.

Once you haverepparttar 109536 email address ofrepparttar 109537 spammer, add it to your 'Black List' in your email program. This is somewhat of a tedious process I know. It will innitially take some time to black list email addresses of every spammer. But, believe me, it will surely be worth your trouble onrepparttar 109538 long run.

The above tips, if followed, will greatly reducerepparttar 109539 spam you receive and save you a lot of annoyance, aggravation, frustration and time.

One more point worth mentioning isrepparttar 109540 saying "To reduce spam, do not be a spammer."

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How to Use Email and SMS Marketing from the same Database and get superior results.

Written by Rick Rakauskas

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Here is a problem looking for a solution. Research has found that around 1 in 5 optin emails still get filtered out by nanny state ISP's who think adults shouldn't think for themselves about what they want to read.

How does this affect you if you have an optin database of 500 folks who really want to read your stuff?

Statistically 100 will never see your message. Frightening when you figure what it cost to get those names inrepparttar first place?

You have a monthly email newsletter which goes out to your whole database. But you are worried that some of your clients don't get it, because of spam filters on their ISP. Most folks don't know what a whitelist is, or how to set it up.


Your database is 500, and you really treasurerepparttar 109519 bond you have with your prospects and clients. They like you too.

Whenrepparttar 109520 email goes out, an SMS goes out too. "Hi Frank, I just sent your copy by email ofrepparttar 109521 Silver Bullet e-newsletter. If you don't have it please call so we can fix your spam filter - Rick"

Hard cost for 500 SMS messages? $67.50

It's peanuts for marketing that makes sure folks actually read at least ONE of your marketing pieces i.e.repparttar 109522 SMS message.

Do you seerepparttar 109523 power this can give you?

How often do you have a special deal for selected clients? Need to fill up numbers because you're short at a function?

There are heaps of other applications for SMS and email combined.

If you takerepparttar 109524 free trip at please tell them that I sent you. And yeah if you become a paying client, I get a bit of cash too. So what, you've now got a tool that gives you a very large edge which absolutley no-one knows about.


Life's short, so make it fun and profitable.

Rick Rakauskas

Rick Rakauskas is a marketer and direct response copywriter in Australia. His clients love his eclectic problem solving approach. How can a Feng Shui consultant JV with a financial planner so both get results? "...the right words delivered to the right audience... every time"

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