Top 7 Rules Broken by Newsletter Advertisers

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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5. How Are Your Headlines, Sunshine?

The main purpose ofrepparttar headline is to gain attention! People scan newsletter advertisingrepparttar 124398 same was they flip throughrepparttar 124399 pages of a newspaper. They most often are trying to avoid reading your advertising. The key torepparttar 124400 headline is to catch their eye before they get by you, to make them stop and read what you have to say. How do you stop those quick, averting eyes? Well, everyone has his or her own ideas about this.


This headline promises important news, and if I were over 50, I would have to stop and look. I recently wrote an ad for a friend, with a headline similar to this. The first thing she asked me, was "what about my other clients"? She asked me this even though she knew her product served a certain demographic niche. She herself told me that 75% of her business served men and women over 50. Sounds like great odds to me. After doing some brief research of her business and a few questions, I concluded that her target audience are men and women over 50. I advised her to target this age group. If you get others outside of this demographic category, great! But let's stay focused on whererepparttar 124401 majority ofrepparttar 124402 business comes from. The rest is icing onrepparttar 124403 cake!

6. Headlines Won't Help, if they're not seen.

Before buying that ad space, know where that ad will be placed. Unlikerepparttar 124404 traditional newspaper, digital newsletters vary quite a bit in pricing and placement quality. I would much rather buy a $20.00 ad atrepparttar 124405 top of a good newsletter, than spend $10.00 for two atrepparttar 124406 bottom of one ofrepparttar 124407 same quality. Ask your editor or webmaster if they can tell you where they will place your paid ad.

Get accustomed to only advertising in newsletters you know or have at least viewed. Do you readrepparttar 124408 advertising? How many ads will accompany yours? Would you easily find your ad here? Watch and countrepparttar 124409 amount of ads that surface in newsletters you are considering. You don't want your ad lost in a maze of headlines, probably never to be heard from again. If your prospect's advertising quantities fluctuate, again, askrepparttar 124410 editor. Many will be courteous enough to offer approximations.

7. Follow Basic Copywriting Rules.

If you're like me, you write your own copy and advertising. There was a time...long, long ago, I had a formal education in business and marketing, so I know (or have hidden away inrepparttar 124411 cob webs I call a mind) allrepparttar 124412 old rules and have met many new ones alongrepparttar 124413 way in these last 4 years of being onrepparttar 124414 Internet. Here are some quick rules on copywriting as it pertains to print and newsletter advertising.

- Appeal torepparttar 124415 reader's emotions and instincts. - Must convince evenrepparttar 124416 most hardened skeptics. - Overcome any objectionsrepparttar 124417 buyer may have. - Use power words that literally force people to act. - Capture and keeprepparttar 124418 reader's interest. - Appeal torepparttar 124419 reader's ego and self-interest. - Showrepparttar 124420 facts and proof of your claims. - Helprepparttar 124421 reader justifyrepparttar 124422 purchase. - Write copy that coincides with current attitudes in your target group. - Motivate you reader to buy NOW. - Use "special" benefits to make your product more attractive. - Make your reader believe in you. - Ad copy must relate and communicate like average people. - Know what your target market really wants. - Be able to easily lead into your back-end offers - Emulate other successful (but not over used) ad copy structures. - Make your product so attractive that your reader has no choice but to buy. - Write, re-write and re-write and re-write and re-write........

This article is not meant to cover allrepparttar 124423 many trials of findingrepparttar 124424 right newsletters to advertise in, but to help point you inrepparttar 124425 right direction!

Thanks for reading!

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Written by Marie Williams

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Deliver benefits in your ezine, one afterrepparttar other. Your subscribers aren't interested, for example, in an ezine that contains 1 article formatted to 55 characters per line - these are features. But they are interested in an article that will show them exactly how to gain 149 new subscribers per day, especially whenrepparttar 124397 formatted text makes it easy to read - these are benefits.

Pack your ezine with benefits, and your subscribers will stick around long enough to read your sales message.

4) BULLETS. Bullets are a great way of breaking down large chunks of text. Most of your readers will scan through your ezine looking for points of interest. Large "text-dumps" make your ezine an unpleasant and tiresome read; bulleted lists get information across quickly and effortlessly.

5) BUILD. In order to sell, you must build a foundation to sell upon. Build a good relationship with your subscribers. Invite them to ask you questions and to give you feedback. Answer promptly and efficiently when they contact you. Don't ignore their message. Many Internet Marketers have lost their credibility simply from failing to reply to my feedback - they've also lost out on sales from me and on recommendations to my own subscribers. It only takes a few moments of your time to thank your subscribers - a few moments that can literally be worth their weight in gold.

GIVE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. Your focus needs to be on helping your subscribers rather than selling to your subscribers. By concentrating purely onrepparttar 124398 needs and wants of your subscribers, you have created an ezine that can't fail to make sales. If you want to get, you have to give. Check your ezine today - and make sure that it hasn't passed its sell-by date.

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