Top 7 Reasons to Review your Web Traffic Analysis

Written by Philippa Gamse

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4. Single Access Pages

These arerepparttar pages where a visitor looks atrepparttar 133630 site then leaves immediately. Sincerepparttar 133631 job of your home page is partly to filterrepparttar 133632 traffic that's not right for you, there'll always be some of these. But if you have a splash page, and significant numbers of visitors don't stay through it... perhaps it shouldn't be there?

5. Cities, States and Countries

No, your site isn't a huge hit just in Virginia -- those are allrepparttar 133633 AOL users! Unfortunately, because this information depends on whererepparttar 133634 ISP is based, it can be pretty misleading. But if you are getting a lot of hits from other countries, that might be a hint for some second language content.

6. Referring URL's

This tells you which search engines are sending you traffic, and which of your advertising and linking strategies are working. It also tells you about sites that may have links to you that you didn't know about -- check these out -- it's a great relationship builder to send a thank you -- you might even get some new business from it!

7. Top Search Keywords and Phrases

Oncerepparttar 133635 search engines have listed your site, these tell you whatrepparttar 133636 really hot search terms are for your business. Pay attention to these -- they may have some surprises -- one of my clients recently wrote a book on a subject that was really sought after on her site -- until she sawrepparttar 133637 top keywords, she had no idea it was so popular!

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A Perspective On Your Site Traffic

Written by Dale Armin Miller

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It's probably only a matter of perspective. But you can keep that one -- I don't want it. Here'srepparttar perspective I use:

When I do something different or try something new, there are only two things that can happen --

1) It *succeeds* in bringing more traffic thanrepparttar 133629 least- productive method on my "KEEP Doin' This Stuff" list. So I excitedly add it to that list. Otherwise ...

2) It does not bring more traffic and I stop doing it ... which *succeeds* in freeing me up to dorepparttar 133630 next item (# 8,463) I'm excited about on my "TRY Doin' This Stuff" list. Plus I've succeeded in learning something that helps me to make better choices inrepparttar 133631 future.

It's probably only a matter of perspective. But studies indicate that one of those perspectives leads to more fulfillment, more happiness, more success, even more money.

If it is merely a matter of perspective, then it is something you can choose and, by continuing to choose, make into a habit.

So, if I may, I suggestrepparttar 133632 perspective that leads to more fulfillment, more happiness, more success, even more money.

Dale Armin Miller. The author is Master At Arms of the Internet Marketing Success Arsenal![sm] "What works online ... guaranteed." Get detailed, free online-marketing strategies at

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