Top 7 Home Business Time Wasters!

Written by BB Lee

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4. Forgetting To Write Down Your Objectives. Open Notepad or write what you plan to do on a sticky note. And check offrepparttar goals as you accomplish them. This listing method works great if you overloaded with too many task.

5. Time Limits. Learn To Set a time limit! This will force you to focus on accomplishing your objective withinrepparttar 117167 designated time frame. For example, limit yourself to 30 minutes checking email, or 1 hour researching a topic.

Here's an easy little count down timer that you can download. Download Egg Timer Here:

6. Telephone/Television Distractions. Unplug your telephone. Turn off that television. The telephone is a big time waster. Ignore urges to check your voice mail or answering machine for messages every few minutes. Only return important calls.

No more soaps! That's right! While you are working tape your favorite programs. Watch them after business hours.

7. Family Distractions: Make your home office "Off Limit" during work hours. Tell family members to handle any minor problems while you are at your computer. Closerepparttar 117168 door to your office. Place a sign on it "Do Not Disturb During Work Hours."

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Divesify With Ecommerce

Written by Rudy Hiebert

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where taking advantage ofrepparttar technical support and leadership available. Racing has grown in atleast three areanas, no pun intended. Motorcross, Marine and Snomobile have made huge strides inrepparttar 117166 field of spectator sports as well as participants. Dealers haverepparttar 117167 opportunity to sponsor a rider or team inrepparttar 117168 field of their choice. This environment is an excellent fit for promoting Amsoil.

This an exciting business to be in because of its diversity of opportunites. The passion that keepsrepparttar 117169 engine of productivity moving is easy to refuel from a company that hasrepparttar 117170 integrity at its foundation. The confidence that it will continue comes fromrepparttar 117171 experience ofrepparttar 117172 history and people behind Amsoil Inc. For more information, see

Rudy Hiebert is an Amsoil Inc. dealer since 1989. The application of the Internet has increased his Amsoil activity ten fold. As a Certified Dealer, his downline of accounts and customers has stretched the continent with the use of the Internet.

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