Top 7 Brick 'n Mortar Newsletter Rules

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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6) MAINTAIN QUALITY CONTENT in your newsletters. Whether you have 100 subscribers or 10,000 you must do your best to keep your articles and text clean and spellchecked. If you offer referral to another business, be sure that you are referring them to an honest and reliable business. Your newsletter is a reflection of your business. Never letrepparttar aire of dishonesty show it's ugly face.

7) DIVERSIFY AND DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS. As a "Brick n' Mortar businesses, 75% of you are focused primarily a local market. When your newsletter starts to pick up a nominal amount of subscribers, begin to consider products that can be marketed nationally and internationally. Take advantage ofrepparttar 124396 opportunity. Imaginerepparttar 124397 amount of new prospects you can gain.

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7 Reasons Why You Should be Publishing an Ezine

Written by Merle

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5) Builds Relationships: Let's face it -- Building a relationship takes time. Ezine publishing is one avenue towards doing so. I can't tell you how often I get an email from someone who feels she knows me after subscribing to my ezine forrepparttar past year or so. Relationship marketing is important onrepparttar 124395 Web and publishing your own newsletter will help you do just that. The truth is, we'd rather spend our money with someone we like than someone we don't know.

6) Allows You to Build an Opt-In Email Marketing List: Repeat after me: Spam is bad, opt-in is good. You can't buy a list of names and start blasting out your marketing message to people you don't know without getting yourself into a lot of trouble. But if those people have opted in to your ezine they have given you "permission" to send them email. They're an attentive audience who has already said they want to hear from you on a regular basis. You never want to abuse this right, but if you send out helpful information you'll be able to plug your company in betweenrepparttar 124396 lines without making anyone angry.

7) Keeps Your Website Fresh in Visitors' Minds: Have you ever gone to a website and really liked it, only to forget about it later? Sure, you may have bookmarkedrepparttar 124397 site, but maybe you haven't gone through your bookmarks in a long time. I love when I get an ezine from one of my favorite sites, which serves as a trigger to "pop in" for a re-visit. This technique of "reminding" someone about your site is important; it really helps to keep a constant flow of traffic returning to your website.

Ezine publishing is one ofrepparttar 124398 most effective marketing tools online today. Not only is it powerful it's probably one ofrepparttar 124399 most cost-effective tools you can use in promoting your website. If you haven't tried it, it's never too late to start. Publishing your own newsletter can be one ofrepparttar 124400 most rewarding tasks you perform....not just financially, but also personally. You'll get a warm and fuzzy feeling from all ofrepparttar 124401 people you'll be helping.....and that, my friend, is a reward in itself.

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