Top 6 ways to promote your web hosting business Part 2

Written by Ispas Marin

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Make sure you don't offer to many discounts since you do want to make profit.

3. Give Bonus with every order. This one is very good and is very easy to do it for your company. You could give a good bonus for purchasing anything. There are many things that you can give as a bonus, from a special template to a special e-book thatrepparttar customer might be interested in. Make sure it's something of interest forrepparttar 149350 customer. Would be good to giverepparttar 149351 bonus after payment has been made andrepparttar 149352 account created so you wouldn't get scamed if payment isn't made.

This is it, these arerepparttar 149353 last three ways that can help you get new customers to your web hosting business. Use them and watch your business grow.

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Ten Tried And Tested Viral Marketing Campaigns

Written by Cedrick Reese

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7. DISCOUNTS. Offer discounts torepparttar products you’re offering, and you would encourage people to spreadrepparttar 149315 word aboutrepparttar 149316 bargain you are providing.

8. TRIAL VERSION OF YOUR PRODUCTS. If you’re trying to sell a software program, you could also try offering such for a trial period, which is usually 30 days. This would allow people to try your product before they would decide to buy it. Even if they’re too thrifty to spend onrepparttar 149317 full version of your product, they would still inform others of your business at some point.

9. ARTICLE MARKETING. Submit an informative article with a resource box containing a link of your sales page torepparttar 149318 many article directories onrepparttar 149319 net. Encourage your readers to republish your article provided that they keeprepparttar 149320 resource box.

10. OTHER PRODUCTS like screensavers, themes, fonts, images andrepparttar 149321 likes.

Now that you know what value propositions to offer,repparttar 149322 remaining consideration is how to distribute them.

E-mail isrepparttar 149323 primary mode of online transference. Mailing lists contain loads of e-mail addresses of people with similar interests. If you could broadcast your business message in this channel,repparttar 149324 rewards would be tremendous, as someone is bound to take notice. Additionally, you only have to send it once, and you’ll touch base with every single person in that group.

Discussion boards or online forums also host a gathering of people who sharerepparttar 149325 same passion. These online communities hold discussions on various matters everyday, often, many times within 24 hours at that. There are forums forrepparttar 149326 many niches out there. Target one that is related to your market. But make it a point to first establish your presence as a worthy part ofrepparttar 149327 community. Remember, it is a community, and you have to win their trust first before you could sway them to your side. Begin by answering threads which post a question. Be helpful. In this way, you could subtly manipulate them to check out your business message.

Online chat rooms can also be a fertile source of hosts that would persistently distribute your marketing offers. Join a channel that pertains to your business. Spend some time building up personal connections, and then gradually introduce your business message. People have more confidence with someone they have actually talked to, albeit, through online means.

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