Top 6 ways to promote your web hosting business Part 1

Written by Ispas Marin

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3.Join Forum Discussions There are a lot of good forums where web hosting is discussed. You can join this kind of forums and contribute and offer help to others members while keeping your signature with your URL atrepparttar bottom of your post. You can post inrepparttar 149110 signature your weekly or monthly special offers.

So, helping others on this kind of forums can send new customers on your website, meaning more business for your web hosting business. But don't just go there to post and ad, be active and be a part ofrepparttar 149111 forum's community.

These arerepparttar 149112 first three ways you can send more customers to your site, research each one of them because they do work very well. Inrepparttar 149113 second part you will learn about three more promotion methods that can help you grow your web hosting business.

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How to Build Massive Keyword Lists - Part 1

Written by Rob Taylor

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12. Then go torepparttar Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool. Enter in a keyword and Overture returns allrepparttar 149072 prior month's searches that include your phrase. The problem withrepparttar 149073 Overture tool is that it doesn't give yourepparttar 149074 exact way thatrepparttar 149075 search was entered. This is why it is essential to use a tool like Keyword Tumbler (see # 18) to generaterepparttar 149076 maximum possible number of keyword combinations that a user might enter a search phrase intorepparttar 149077 engines. Link:

13. Use abbreviations and misspellings. A good misspelling tool is Search Spell. Search Spell uses actual misspellings entered intorepparttar 149078 search engines. Misspelled Keywords is another software tool that will literally create thousands of misspellings for any given keyword phrase you enter into it. Link: &

14. Use acronyms. An acronym is a word formed fromrepparttar 149079 initial letters of a name. Example: due diligence becomes DD. A good acronym generator is Acronym Finder. Link:

15. Combine your keyword phrase into one word. Example: strawbale houses => strawbalehouses.

16. Use "space" and "+" with keywords. Example: - strawbale+houses - strawbale +houses

17. Visit Crossword Compiler and download their demo software. Plug in your keywords and discover a multitude of additional words. Link:

18. Once you have your list compiled visit Keyword Tumbler and downloadrepparttar 149080 free software. Put your keywords into a text file and then let Keyword Tumbler generate multiple variations of each keyword phrase you have... instantly! Link:

It does this simply by mixingrepparttar 149081 words in each phrase around. Example: "horses for sale" generates a list like this...

horses for sale horses sale for for horses sale for sale horses sale horses for sale for horses

As Perry Marshall, author ofrepparttar 149082 Definitive Guide to Google AdWords said at a recent seminar: "Every combination of keywords that somebody could conceivably type in on Google is a market." Link:

I hope you have found this advice useful? It'srepparttar 149083 exact same procedure I use everyday when fightingrepparttar 149084 pay-per-click wars.

Rob Taylor has been marketing online since 1996. Take advantage of his battle tested marketing strategies that could quietly make you five figure cash profits every month. Subscribe free to his high content newsletter at

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