Top 5 Tips To Building A Large, RESPONSIVE List

Written by Mike Merz

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B) When your list becomes large enough to take on paid advertisers, you're going to want to give themrepparttar best opportunity possible to achieve good results. That means keeping your list as close to 100% responsive as possible. When you make your advertisers happy, they will tell others.

And not only will you be able to enjoy filling your quota of paid ad spots ...

You'll raiserepparttar 109596 response rate of your own promotional efforts, inrepparttar 109597 process.

A major problem you'll face when trying to build your list to a size that will generate significant income is time ...

It may take you YEARS to build a subscriber base large enough to allow you to quit your day job ..;)

That's were co-registration services come into play.

These services utilize high level platforms to generate subscribers for a fee, allowing you to build a list much faster than you ever could on your own.

But there is a downside. :(

Many ofrepparttar 109598 larger services will generate tons of subscribers for you, BUT ...

1) They charge a relatively high rate per subscriber.

Building a list ofrepparttar 109599 size you desire may require big bucks, up front.

2) They DON"T filter out free email accounts (Yahoo, Excite, Hotmail, etc.).

Unfortunately, most people use free email accounts to subscribe to things they will never read, like FFA postings, free classifieds, etc., and even if their usage was for honest reasons,repparttar 109600 filters imposed, andrepparttar 109601 size ofrepparttar 109602 mail boxes allowed, will result in almost all of your unreachables.

... and you don't want that.

3) Many use untargeted means to acquirerepparttar 109603 addresses.

Your best subscribers will be those they want what you have to offer, specifically.

Many ofrepparttar 109604 large services, in an effort to meet subscriber demands, use a VERY broad criteria when sending you subscribers.

Quality over quantity ... remember that.

One service that takes all ofrepparttar 109605 aforementioned into consideration is Optinfrenzy < >.

Optinfrenzy ...

- Allows visitors to subscribe to your ezine/newsletter upon viewing copy that you, yourself, have offered, making it ultra targeted.

- Provides double optin, confirmed subscribers. If they don't respond, you don't get them, virtually eliminating undeliverables.

- They filter out free email accounts. You'll enjoy up to 100% retention rate, and won't be subjected to "over quotas", or "mail box full" messages. Your money buysrepparttar 109606 best kind of subscribers ... those that have a real interest inrepparttar 109607 info you have to offer, AND will actually receive it! ;)

Optinfrenzy will build your list faster than you can on your own, deliver quality subscribers, and their prices arerepparttar 109608 best available. Highly recommended.

Well, there you have it.

Plug my top 5 tips into your list building strategy, and I'm sure you'll be happy withrepparttar 109609 results.

To your success!

Mike Merz Internet Marketing For Newbies


For more great tips on building a big, responsive list, I recommend Paul Myers' Amazing List Machine < >.

Mr. Myers' is VERY highly respected inrepparttar 109610 field of Online publishing, and this is his best work to date ... do check it out.

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5 Tricks To Turn Your Autoresponder Into A High-Profit Sales Machine

Written by Grady Smith

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A highly recommended autoresponder service to use is because they give you these capabilities and more with unlimited auto responders so you can market different products without paying more.

4) Provide Real Information In Each Message

Nothing will sour readers to your product or service quicker than giving them information that doesnít give them what theyíre after.

So, give them something they can really use and make sure itís something they havenít already learned somewhere else. If you can teach them something in one of your messages that really helps them out, and you show them that your product is crammed full of similar techniques, then I guarantee youíre going to make yourself a new customer more times than not.

5) Get Your Prospects To Act Now

Information in an email isnít enough. Thereís actually a steady formula to follow that pushes people into clicking your link and buying your product. In short form, here it is:

First, give them a lesson or some strong information in your message. Teach them something new, and help them put it into action.

Second, give benefits of your product, and detail how it will help them.

And third, give them a reason to clickrepparttar link and order right now. You can say that another day without your product is another day they wonít enjoy _____________, __________, and ________________.

Try it. The techniques outlined above will work for you if you apply them correctly.

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