Top 5 Reasons for Hiring a Wedding Planner

Written by Dion Semeniuk

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Precise Detailing

For all weddings, there are so many small details that often, things get overlooked. One ofrepparttar frustrations forrepparttar 150064 bride and groom is trying to maintain all of those details sorepparttar 150065 wedding goes off without a hitch. An experienced wedding planner knows all aboutrepparttar 150066 small details and has an outstanding ability of keeping track of them. He or she would sit down withrepparttar 150067 bride and/or groom and go over each aspect ofrepparttar 150068 wedding, covering every possible angle so nothing is missed.

Insider Information

A huge benefit in hiring a wedding planner is that they know whorepparttar 150069 best ofrepparttar 150070 best is. If you want a DJ, they can provide you with several top choices. If you want a catered meal, they can tell you exactly which caterer serves fabulous food at an affordable price, or if you want a horse drawn carriage to take you torepparttar 150071 reception, they know who to call. For you, that means no time is wasted making phone call after phone call, only to walk away frustrated and empty handed.


Finally, hiring a wedding planner is an excellent idea if you want to save money. Because these professionals have connections with all types of people inrepparttar 150072 wedding industry, they can typically pass on excellent discounts to you. Keep in mind that does not affectrepparttar 150073 quality ofrepparttar 150074 service, justrepparttar 150075 price.

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How to choose a sofa for a family with kids

Written by Janice Wee

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Eventually, you still have to cleanrepparttar sofa.

Our first sofa was a beautiful fabric sofa. It turned a dull gray overrepparttar 150046 years. As there were no slip covers, we would have to washrepparttar 150047 sofa with an upholstery cleaner or to leave it be.  Onrepparttar 150048 hindsight, sofa sets with removable slip covers would have beenrepparttar 150049 better bet.

Alternatively, we could have bought 2 sets of slip covers for our sofa while it was still new and rotated those to protectrepparttar 150050 sofa instead. Slip covers can be washed, so you can always have a clean sofa to sit on. To a busy mom with kids, slip covers are a boon. Dumprepparttar 150051 soiled slip covers inrepparttar 150052 washing machine and slip on clean covers.

Our next sofa was a leather sofa. That turned black within weeks. The kids would pretend to be Spiderman climbingrepparttar 150053 walls, withrepparttar 150054 sofa asrepparttar 150055 wall, or Spiderman jumping from roof to roof, with 2 adjacent sofas asrepparttar 150056 roofs. We bought a leather cleaner to clean it up. I wrote about that experience in care of your leather sofa.

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