Top 5 Cheap Encryption And Security Solutions

Written by David D. Deprice

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4. Cryptainer PE

Phenomenally easy to use, Cryptainer PE's encryption works on all versions of Microsoft Windows and works with all known file types. You can protect your files and folders and ensure total privacy with Cryptainer PE. Simply drag and droprepparttar files and folders you want to hide and voila! your files are hidden. With Cryptainer PE you can hiderepparttar 142654 very existence of your confidential files and folders. Additionally, Cryptainer PE allows you to send encrypted email files. The recipient need not have a copy of Cryptainer PE installed to decryptrepparttar 142655 files.

5. Desktop Armor

Desktop Armor watches dozens and dozens of important settings on your computer and warns you if any program has changed them. This catches many ofrepparttar 142656 changes a virus, worm, or trojan program will make to your computer and lets you immediately fix them back! Plus Desktop Armor includes a lot of other useful features like a Popup blocker, checks to help you avoid Phishing scams and much more.

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How To Use RSS Feeds For Free Traffic

Written by Leah J Bradshaw

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Find out more about this technology at:

This technology is so effective because ofrepparttar ease of use forrepparttar 142253 webmaster. And let's not forgetrepparttar 142254 advantages to yourepparttar 142255 syndicator. First, you have all those incoming links to your website. Second, since you controlrepparttar 142256 content ofrepparttar 142257 feed you can effectively put your chosen keywords withinrepparttar 142258 Title of your RSS syndicated articles that link back to your site, giving you a more effective link.

Inrepparttar 142259 old days of RSS a person used to have to learn xml language and spend countless hours formatting and updating a feed, but current technology has made setting up and posting content to a feed super easy. To find out more about setting up a running a feed with no techie knowledge involved check out:

Using an RSS feed for free traffic isrepparttar 142260 new wave of technology. Make sure your business is on to this new trend before your competition gets ahead.

Leah J. Bradshaw is the author of the Free Targeted Traffic Report; "Jumpstart Your Traffic in as Little as 10 Days". She also authors a Moms Free Traffic Blog to help work at home moms get free traffic.

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