Top 10 Webmaster Challenges

Written by William Nabaza

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Stickiness! Webmasters are also faced withrepparttar challenge of keeping their site sticky. is a good example of a sticky site. This stock/investment related site contains timely news and excellent company data. The vast amount of information results in a good number of page views per visitor. Plus, visitors return on a daily basis to getrepparttar 131841 latest-and-greatest market news and stock data. Lots of page views per visitor AND repeat visits. now that's what you could call really sticky.

Here are some additional suggestions: A) Make your site a portal of information. It encourages your visitors to return and stay. is one example of a one-page portal. B) Add games to your site. You can get some here: or at C) Make your site interactive with a guest book, forum, tell-a-friend link, webring, customizable news, contests, polls, e-card, and free for all links. allows you to sign up for an account and placerepparttar 131842 code on your site. D) Provide links to freebies, get-paid-to-surf sites, contests, incentives, jokes, quotes, mp3, and gnutella. Just don't forget to opt in for at least their email address before they can actually download stuff from your site.

Find Your Web Host It's critical to findrepparttar 131843 right Web host. Although you may need to get your own server when your site gets one million page views per month, most sites that are starting out do not requirerepparttar 131844 complex and expensive task of managing your own servers. There are many Web hosting providers that are willing to provide starting at 40gb of Web space. You can also look and compare different Web hosting providers on these sites:,,,, and I always recommendrepparttar 131845 advanced search, which allows you to specify your budget andrepparttar 131846 specific features you will need.

Think Globally Keeprepparttar 131847 site international in its appeal. allows you to place snippets of code into your site that will automatically translate your English site to a different language, such as Spanish, Italian, German, or Polish. As webmasters, we must remember that we cannot filter countries on our site. We must be able to communicate with them.

Search Engine Submissions Webmasters love to promote their sites on message boards, newsgroups, link exchanges, and even email, but they often forgotrepparttar 131848 best source of traffic. Submission sites like,, and can be used to submit your site for free. You don't need to submit to all of them, only torepparttar 131849 major ones, like Yahoo, AltaVista, Google, Hotbot, Infoseek/, Lycos, and Northern Light. I hope that you have found these tips helpful. For more information, please visit my site,

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How To Tweak Your Website For More Sales

Written by Michael Southon

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(7) Testimonials. These will also dramatically increase your sales. If you don't have any, ask your customers for them. Every testimonial will always contain a key phrase or benefit - make that phrase leap out atrepparttar reader by using bold type. Always providerepparttar 131839 website and/or email address ofrepparttar 131840 person who wroterepparttar 131841 testimonial. If you makerepparttar 131842 website URL and active link, you'll get more testimonials - but you'll also lose traffic when your visitors click on those links.

(8) Bonus Gifts. Offering freebies with your product is an old trick in web marketing - nearly everyone does it. My advice is takerepparttar 131843 freebies off. Why? Firstly, chances arerepparttar 131844 freebies you offer are also being offered by hundreds of other websites - your visitors have seen them all before and are not impressed. Secondly, offering freebies sendsrepparttar 131845 message that your product is not really worth it on its own.

(9) Unique Selling Proposition. You must differentiate your product from your competitors' products. One way to do this is to have a 'Warning' nearrepparttar 131846 bottom of your page that says "Do not buy an eBook on XYZ unless it meetsrepparttar 131847 following criteria..." And then listrepparttar 131848 unique features of your eBook (or product).

(10) A Call to Action. This isrepparttar 131849 biggest cause of lost sales. Most people procrastinate - so you must create a sense of urgency. You can do this in various ways - a price rise after a certain date, a price rise after a certain number of copies have been sold, or a bonus report forrepparttar 131850 next 15 orders.

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