Top 10 Ways to Spot a SCAM Sportsbook

Written by Bill Dozer, SBR Analyst

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audience or utter desperation. 6. If a Sportsbook representative posts a message inrepparttar forums that’s a too good to be true "just for you" offer -repparttar 127550 book may be getting ready to run forrepparttar 127551 hills. 7. If there is a sudden stop of all book-to-book transfers - there’s a good chance it is due to at least one book halting transfers with them first. No one knows more about your house than your neighbor. 8. When a Sportsbook has frequent changes in management and shareholders - there is a new risk torepparttar 127552 players. 9. When there is a slow/no pay dispute over a large amount of money from other player(s) -repparttar 127553 book may be having financial troubles and can’t pay. 10. If you are given excuses for non payout or your account is audited afterrepparttar 127554 payout process is initiatedrepparttar 127555 book may be stalling.

If you know what to look for, you don’t need to be paranoid. Sometimes you smell smoke and there is no fire, and sometimesrepparttar 127556 scent leads to a life saving evacuation. In this industry, you have to sniff extra hard because there is no safety net. It is completely unregulated (with Australia being our exception) and only you are responsible for your funds.

Bill Dozer: SBR Writer, Analyst, and 15-year Sportsbook player. Mr. Dozer helps other players avoid scams and provides advice in dealing with offshore sportsbooks. For a more detailed Special Report called “No-Nonsense Advice on How to Spot a SCAM Sportsbook” visit

Can You Really Make Money with Surf for Cash Programs?

Written by Ed Zivkovic

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Certain Spyware and Scumware programs will require special attention to be removed from your system because they cannot be removed byrepparttar regular add/remove programs method. If your computer has been infected withrepparttar 127549 Surf+ virus, you will need instructions to remove all invisible components from your system.

Instructions for removing Surf+ here:

A Better Way to Make Money Online

It seems that even IF you find a legitimate Surf for Cash program, it will take ages to get even a $30 payout. I still think it is much easier to sell either your own products or other people's products and services via an affiliate program. To do this you will need your own website, register your own domain name, select a web hosting company and learn how to get traffic to your site.

Are You Wasting Time

It's time to ask yourself, "Am I wasting time onrepparttar 127550 Internet?" and "Does it really serve me to do what I am doing?".

If we are doingrepparttar 127551 same old things and not gettingrepparttar 127552 desired results, it may be time to shift our thinking and open up to new ideas, or do some ofrepparttar 127553 stuff we know we "should" do but have been to lazy to do it.

The author, Ed Zivkovic is a self-taught webmaster. His website contains articles with all sorts of tips for work at home webmasters. Here is the site:

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